GeeDee Realty Systems is a Trust Account & Property Management System.

The Property Management and Trust Accounting program was first written by its founder Graham Darcy, a licensed Real Estate Agent, back in 1985. Graham attained his Real Estate license in 1982 and then operated as a partner in a very successful suburban Real Estate business in Perth. It was not long before he introduced software to computerise most activities of the business. Graham's Property Management and Trust Accounting software soon came to the attention of other local Real Estate Agents who recognised the benefits of the GeeDee System.

The GeeDee Realty System is exceedingly dynamic with it being continually enhanced and upgraded by its programmers and consultants to meet the ever changing requirements of clients, the real estate industry in general and the advances in computing technology.

The owners of this business are ably supported by staff who have a great depth of experience in Property Management, Trust Accounting and Customer Support. GeeDee has an excellent reputation for the level of support it provides to its users. The excellent reputation for the level of software support provided to all GeeDee's clients is another reason for the number of satisfied users of this very popular and user-friendly system.

real estate software by real estate professionals

What is the GeeDee Realty Systems difference?

The difference between clever software and software that is good for your business is the way the developers listen to their clients. Writing clever software is a function of mechanics, but writing useful software is a function of communication.

What makes GeeDee Realty Systems the leader in the Real Estate industry is its clients.

Our products and services are aimed at empowering Enterprises to better manage their businesses in a complex and rapidly changing marketplace. Our core business is focused on ensuring Trust Accounting and Property Management based enterprises extract real financial and management benefits from their investments in technology.

At GeeDee Realty Systems: We listen! We learn! We Act! That's the difference!

Full GeeDee demonstration and information kits are available. If you are a current client, or are new to GeeDee Realty Systems, we would like to hear from you. Call us to see how we can help you efficiently manage your Real Estate Trust Accounting and Property Management business