Electronic Filing System

GeeDee Document Management System (GDMS)

GDMS is a document management program based around a concept of centralised storage. The centralised document storage makes finding documents much easier, as there is only one place to look.

The GeeDee Document Management System is simple to use and allows you to be productive from day one. By using GDMS you can quickly create a central, searchable database of all your digital content.

The GeeDee Document Management System is a true electronic document and content management system with full integration with Microsoft Office. This means that you can continue to work with your "business applications" such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

By using GDMS you can too become a Paperless Office.

li ACHIEVE to create a paperless office li AUTOMATED to save money and time
li EASY TO USE and Setup li FILE history
li LIMITLESS ABILITY to create customised       storage locations li REDUCE manual tasks like searching folders & filing
li RETRIEVE any content in a few rapid clicks li ROBUST user management, permissions set as required
li SAVE on storage space li SCAN for fast, accurate and labour saving inputs
li SECURE document storage li TRANSMIT your content in a few clicks

These great features mean you can Become a Paperless office.
Save Money! Save Time! Save the Environment! Save on Storage!

become a paperless office

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Paperless Office Calculator

While it may not be possible to go completely paperless, it is still worth reducing the amount of paper in your office. Not only does an electronic filing system reduce the amount you spend on paper, equipment, supplies and storage, it also speeds up filing and retrieval, streamlines workflow, and reduces your risk by making it painless to back up your files online.

This paper usage calculator can help you estimate how much you spend annually for printing and storage.

Paperless Office Calculator
Document Volume (Best case scenario based on a standard 30 Management Office System)
Average Landlord client print actions (+30 prints / mth)
Average Tenant client print actions (+ 20 prints/month)
Average Property/Creditor client print actions handled  (+20 prints/mth)
Reminders (+20 prints/mth)
Average general client print actions handled (+20 prints/mth)
Daily Transaction Lists (+20 prints/mth)
Alerts (+20 prints/mth)
Checklist (+20 prints/mth)
Integrity Report (+2 prints/mth)
Daily Banking (+20 prints/mth)
Bank Reconciliations (+20 prints/mth)
BPAY Processing (+20 prints/mth)
Direct Payment File (+20 prints/mth)
General Owner, Property and Tenant Reports (+20 prints/mth)
Process Charges Report (+4 prints/mth)
Reminders (+20 prints/mth)
Average number of documents per client action.
Average number of pages per document.
Number of pages that flow through your office annually. N pages/year
Printing Costs (Best case scenario figures.)
Average copies of each document printed for review.
Average copies of each document printed for official filing.
Average copies of each document printed for office storage.
Printing cost per page (~ costs for power, paper, toner, maintenance, etc.)     dollars
Pages printed annually for review, filing and storage. N pages/year
Annual printing costs. $N
Storage Costs (Best case scenario figures.)

New file cabinets required each year

(92cm lateral, 4-drawer, 3600 pages/drawer)

N cabinets
Cost of new file cabinets ($600 each). $N
Space for new cabinets (9 sq ft each) N square feet
Monthly cost per square meter of office space. dollars/mth
Annual floor space cost for new cabinets. $N
Annual storage costs. $N
Staff Time (Best case scenario figures.)
Average time to store new files in file cabinets. minutes
Average time to retrieve a document from storage. minutes
Annual staff time spent filing & retrieving documents. N hours
Hourly wage of administrative staff. dollars/hour
Annual staff cost for document storage and retrieval. $N
Other Costs (Best case scenario figures.)
Hours in a dollar value spent by each employee locating misplaced files/mth. dollars/year
Monthly storage fees (petrol) dollars/year
Average monthly service/retrieval fees. dollars/year
Hours spent working with offsite storage company / mth. dollars/year
Average monthly service/retrieval fees. dollars/year
Storage supplies (hanging folders, labels, etc.), shredding costs, archival costs, mailing costs, secure storage costs for archived documents, and time spent searching for lost or mis-filed documents. dollars/year
Each year, your office spends as much as $N on document printing, filing, and storage, much of which can be eliminated by switching to electronic file storage.   

This ROI does not even take into account the the value of the following 2 points

1 - How many more new customers/accounts do you think your company could reach per month by providing a more efficient service and spending less time on filing and looking for documents?
2 - How much revenue would each of these accounts generate?

Disclaimer for ROI

Total potential Return of Investment (ROI) is based on calculations of external data which is subject to change. GeeDee has offered this online estimator of ROI in good faith. We realise that there are alternate methods to calculate ROI, and that some assumptions may not be applicable for your organization. Data provided for the calculation is the user's responsibility. We do not make any representations or warranties of any kind on the information provided. We also disclaim any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness, or completeness of any information provided.

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