GeeDee Trust Account & Property Management

GeeDee offers a true, auditable trust accounting system that meets all industry obligations.

GeeDee is available in a number of configurations to suit your business at prices you can afford! Systems start as low as $61.20 per month and your system can increase as your rent roll grows. GeeDee is an affordable cost effective program.

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GeeDee is a simple to navigate and easy to use "All in One" program, some features include:

li Residential Property Management li Bank Reconciliations
li Automatic Receipting li Built in Letters
li Electronic Banking li Direct Debit facilities
li SMS facility li Email facility
li Letterhead Printing li Reminder System
li Strata li Sales
li Holiday Lettings li Commercial with Variable Outgoings

and much more

GeeDee clients also have the opportunity to use our in-house Document Management System. An Electronic Filing System that allows you to Become a Paperless office. Save Money! Save Time! Save the Environment! Save on Storage!

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