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1Form & ISP Emailing

1Form & ISP Emailing

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1Form & ISP Emailing

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Click me to expand / collapse information. 1Form Tenant Applications


We are proud to announce the release of the free 1Form online Tenant application.
We will be releasing some further information by the end of this week as well as providing a dedicated page on how it all works.  Please view the below example screen shots or visit for some further, more in-depth information.


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How does 1Form work?1GetStarted


westnet fail

Click me to expand / collapse information.Westnet is receiving emails but is then deleting them...

!exclamation NOTE - Many existing Westnet users are now residing on the iinet backbone for their Internet Service.

If you are a Westnet subscriber and they have moved you over to iinet, you must alter your mail settings otherwise Westnet will just simply delete your emails from GeeDee.
We extensively test the email submissions and they arrive to Westnet Mail Servers with no failures.
A simple Trace Route Map may test and confirm your Internet connection is with iinet!. The trace route command traces the network path of Internet routers that your email packets take.  If this is so please follow below information.

Enabling or Disabling the Westnet Port Blocking Service

To enable or disable Access Control on your account, please follow these steps:


Where to change Westnet to iinet in GeeDee

Please exit all GeeDee users. Replace with as per below image.


Traceroute - On a Windows computer, you can run a traceroute in an MSDOS or Command window by typing "tracert".

If the 2 hop displays iinet you will need to change SMTP Server to iinet's.



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!exclamation Why does BigPond delete my emails?

bigpond logo See how the rules have changed. Again....

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