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2015 1st Quarter Newsletter

2015 1st Quarter Newsletter

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2015 1st Quarter Newsletter

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  tipbulbThis newsletter contains important information about the GeeDee software program. It is important that all users of the system receive and read a copy.  Please forward this email on to all users in your office.  To subscribe to this newsletter please click here.


GeeDee News Update


Title - New Licence

Click me to expand / collapse information. Change to maintenance and licence fees

Beginning next quarter, July 1st, we will enact an across-the-board approximate CPI price increase. For the last two years, we have not altered fees in spite of rising expenses and increased overheads. Changes will typically only reflect a small increase of a few dollars.

Thank you all and we hope to continue our excellent relationship with our clients, and assure you of our continued quality service and support.



Title - Remember Web Updates

Click me to expand / collapse information. Web Update Build 262

Please be advised that the latest Build Version for GeeDee is Build 262.

After running your WebUpdate you may be prompted to run a GeeDee Index. See Index steps below.


 How to run a GeeDee Index

 Step 1. Launch GeeDee Backup Index.

  Step 2. Enter initials and login.

  Step 3. Select Index and click OK to the 2 “OK” prompts to complete Index process. Close when completed


NEW CHANGES within GeeDee Realty Systems

Note  Bar code Scanning NOW available

Note  Integrity Check will not run when other users are in system

Note  Tenant Water Consumption Invoice can now be emailed & slip text adjusted

Note  Property Search Button added to Tenant Accounts

Note  Edit Button added to Tenant Accounts

Note  Tenant Accounts - when entering or editing an account it will record a note under Tenant Notes Tab

Note  Invoice Message is now a Default in Tenant Accounts

Note  Standing Items when entering or editing will record a note under Tenant Notes Tab

Note  Property Search Button added to Tenant Water Calculation

Note  Tenant Bond Account facility

Note  Lessor Mid Month Payment

Note  Microsoft Outlook 2013 added for emailing

Note  NAB Connect B-pay downloads

Note  Property Checklist can have up to 20 extra items defined & has an Add or Edit button. If edited prompt will say all items unticked.

Note  Default Due Dates under Alerts can be adjusted in System Setup

Note  PDF's Imported in Property Inspection Reports






Click me to expand / collapse information.Bar Code Scanning

Setting up a Creditor Barcode Template

Barcode scanning for Creditor Disbursements will significantly speed up the data entry process for accounts such as Water & Council Rates.

All that is required in hardware is a hand held scanner which can be sourced from various outlets. Ensure the USB scanner you purchase can scan CODE 128 format barcodes. Most barcode scanners sold in Australia will be able to read and translate this format into text.


Barcodes are a series of numbers encoded as lines that are used to uniquely identify any object.

Click to Expand


Setting up a Creditor Barcode

Firstly select Creditor  |  Barcode Accounts.
Click to Expand

Once selected the "Barcode Accounts" screen appears.

Click to Expand


Click to Expand

When you scan an invoice for the first time the reference numbers appear in the Scan section.


A message box will appear which you will select YES to continue. Once selected the"Barcode Settings" screen will appear.


Click to Expand
tipbulbYour barcode scanner is required to be set up with a Carriage Return (enter key) after every scanned barcode. Check the set up notes that come with your barcode scanner for instructions.

The "Barcode Settings" will initially have NO Creditor Assigned or Disbursement Code. The invoice reference number however is already displayed in the Scan Field Box.

You can see the Reference from the scanned Water Account also includes the amount.

Click to Expand

You now need to Define the Reference number by entering "B" for Biller Code portion, "R" for the Reference number proportion and "V" for the dollar amount proportion.

Please type in and manually enter in each reference code .(Right hand columns will auto fill with the required information).


"B" for Biller Code - Press and type "B" 3 times.
Click to Expand


"R" for Reference Number - Press and type "R" 10 times.
Click to Expand


"V" for Dollar Amount - Press and type "V" 9 times.
Click to Expand


Once numbers have been entered then click on Select Creditor & Disbursement button.
Click to Expand


The "Creditor to Assign" screen will appear and you then select the Creditor you wish to assign and then click OK.
Click to Expand


Once selected, the "Disbursement for Creditor Screen" will then appear where you can select the relevant Disbursement and then click OK.
Click to Expand

You will now see the below Warning window, please select NO.

Note: If you select No you can always amend later, this is outlined further in instructions below.

Note: If you select YES you can enter account as 2 separate disbursements ie Consumption and Rates all future accounts for this Creditor will continue this way.
Click to Expand


You can now see the Creditor and Disbursement has been allocated to this reference number. Now click Save.
Click to Expand

The "Barcode Accounts" screen will now appear outlining the information.
Click to Expand

Now click on the Address column.
Click to Expand

When clicking on the Address column, the Find Property to Assign will appear. You can now select the property to allocate this account to.
Click to Expand

Note: It is also at this stage if you needed to change the Disbursement and split between 2 Disbursement codes. To do this, click on Disbursement2 column and re-select the Disbursement code.
Click to Expand

The Disbursement for Creditor screen will appear again and you can select another Disbursement code and then click OK.
Click to Expand

Once the other disbursement code has been selected you can now enter the amount and both sections will be updated. eg below Water Rates is $125.00 & Water Consumption is $23.98 equalling the original amount of $148.98. Once you are happy with the entry you now can select Process and it then will appear under Creditor Accounts from Lessor Funds.
Click to Expand

Under Creditor Account from Lessor Funds these items will now appear and be ready for payment.
Click to Expand

Future scans will automatically pick up the Creditor I.E. Water Corp and if it is a 2nd account for the property it will also pick up the address. If the account is entered for the first time then the address still needs to be selected.
Click to Expand

You are also able to change to Auto Process once you have the Bar Code References defined for future accounts. This will scan item and then move them straight in Creditor Accounts from Lessor Funds.

You can also check previous items scanned by selecting the Show Processed and Date Period.
Click to Expand

If an account has already been scanned the same day this message will appear.
Click to Expand


Please note : When scanning some invoices (ie Council rates) the total amount will be scanned. Once scanned and processed if you wish to pay quarterly you would need to edit the amount as the total will only appear. Then re-enter each account individually under Creditor Account from Owners funds

Purchasing a Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners can be purchased from a number of electronic suppliers, computer stores, retailers that sell point of sale equipment or online.

Ensure the scanner you purchase scans CODE 128 format barcodes. Most barcode scanners sold in Australia will be able to read and translate this format into text.

While GeeDee does not recommend any particular brand of barcode scanner, we have performed tests using the following brands:

 8WARE (BAR-SCAN-4U & BAR-SCAN-3U) Laser Barcode Scanner (USB Scanner)

 Honeywell 3200 Linear Imager (USB Scanner)

 Motorola \ Symbol LS2208 (USB Scanner)


tipbulbYour barcode scanner is required to be set up with a Carriage Return (enter key) after every scanned barcode. Check the set up notes that come with your barcode scanner for instructions.
GOOGLE = Laser Barcode Scanner with USB Interface code 128
Prices range from $90.00  to  +$200.00.




Click me to expand / collapse information. Integrity Check

Every day when opening GeeDee the system prompts you to run an Integrity Check. Please note the Integrity check cannot be run when others users are in the system.

If they are, the below message windows will appear.

Click OK and ask the others user's to close out of GeeDee and run the Integrity Check.

Click to Expand


Click to Expand




Click me to expand / collapse information.Tenant Accounts

You are now able to search a Property address under Tenant Accounts.
Click to Expand


To edit Accounts please select Edit button.

Click to Expand


Once you select Edit button the following screen appears where you can edit information.

Click to Expand


When selecting Email or Print Invoice the Invoice Message typed will be the default message. This message will remain here until it is updated.

Click to Expand


To Cancel Accounts you must now select item you wish to Cancel and click the Cancel button. A pop up will appear to ensure the correct item has been selected.

Click to Expand


When a Tenant Account is Entered or Edited a note appears under Tenant Notes screen.

Click to Expand




Click me to expand / collapse information.Standing Items

This feature works in conjunction with the Tenant Accounts system. Instead of needing to enter each individual tenant's accounts every period, a standard template of standing items can be compiled.

This is held against each individual tenant.


Once per period, the Generate Standing Items program is run. This converts these standing items into outstanding accounts for the period. Note that it is not necessary to enter the rent as a standing item.


Click to Expand


Use the Search and Navigate buttons to find the correct tenant record.
Use the Add Line and Delete Line buttons to add or delete standing items that are connected to the tenant.
Existing lines can be modified within the grid.



Click to Expand



The fields in the grid are:


Months-  Standing Items can be; Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quaterly, 6 Monthly or Yearly.


Code Description- The BOMA income code (or disbursement code for residential) description for the line. They may be selected from the Drop down list in the grid.


Comments - Additional comments which can be added to the code description, to appear on the Tenant Invoice as an explanation of the charge.


From & To - The start and end periods for which the charge can be made. The standing items will only be generated into account items within these periods.


Amount - The amount of the standing charge.


When a standing Item has been Entered or Edited a note appears under Tenant notes.

Click to Expand




Click me to expand / collapse information.Water Consumption

You are now able to search by Property address under Water Consumption.

Click to Expand


Water Consumption invoice can now be emailed. Once the account is POSTED the Email or Print button will appear. This will also log a note under the Tenant Notes.

.Click to Expand


The Tenant Invoice for Water Consumption now shows slip text regarding payment


Click to Expand






Click me to expand / collapse information.Bond Account Facility

If required, you can now process an Account for a Bond or a Bond Top Up. This will allow you to send a Tenant Statement or Invoice if required. Once this account is paid the money will be allocated to the Bonds Received (Ledger 7) as per normal.

Click to Expand

Click To Expand


    Click To Expand

Now move this money to the Administrator by the usual method.

Click To Expand


Click to Expand





Click me to expand / collapse information.Lessor Mid Month Bulk Payment

The opportunity is now available to pay a Lessor a Mid Month payment electronically via a Bulk Payment run. Select the Mid Pay Run tick box on the Lessor Detail screen.

Click to Expand

Go to Lessor drop down and Select Payment Run and Select individually or Select All by clicking the X. Then Select process.

Please Note: You can also Hide Lessors with Zero values.


The Statement Comment has a default message which appears on the Lessor's statement. You can also choose to either Print or Email from here.

If you want to do both then Print first then select Email and then select Process.

Click to Expand
Once you have clicked Process, the Direct Payment file will appear and prompt you to make the file as normal and process at the bank.
Click to Expand



Click me to expand / collapse information.Default Due Days under Alerts

The Default Due days showing under Alerts can now be changed in System Setup.

Ensure all users are closed within GeeDee and open System Setup. Go to Miscellaneous and enter default days.

Click to Expand

Printing Options

Note you can also change the print options of Daily Banking and Tenant Water Consumption

Click to Expand

Click to Expand





Click me to expand / collapse information.Importing PDF's into Property Inspection Reports

Clients that utilize other programs such as Red Nightingale and Pocket Reporter can now Import PDF's into Property Inspection Reports.

In doing so please be aware that your backup's may increase considerably in size and as such can take slightly longer to complete. Should this become an issue contact GeeDee staff and a program can be run to extract this information into separate folders.

We do not suggest to import photos, to do this we recommend the Document Management System. It is also from the Document Management System that these reports can be  emailed and not within the GeeDee program.


Click To Expand


Once Imported it will ask if you would like to Send to Archive? If you have the Archive System Installed, send to the Archive/Document Management System and it will allow you to email from here.

Click to expand




Click me to expand / collapse information.Microsoft Outlook and GeeDee Realty Systems

You can elect to send emails from the GeeDee System using your local install of Microsoft Outlook. By selecting the "Outlook" Email Option in System Setup Misc section, the GeeDee System will send

and store emails in Microsoft Outlook instead of the GeeDee Email Handler.

Click me!

By simply selecting the above "Outlook" option, all emails will now be Handled by your Microsoft Outlook mail system. Note, this will work with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013 32-bit only.

Microsoft Office/Outlook 64Bit

  The 64 bit versions of Microsoft Outlook, like all current Accounting and third party communication software products, do not support 64 bit versions of Outlook.

For further information refer to Microsoft information here... 

Steps to complete after first Activating MS Outlook Option:

How to choose your Default footer signature preference for MS Outlook.


STEP 1 - Double click any email field in GeeDee to open the "Send Email" window. (This is how you can change signatures).
STEP 2 - Select the Signature button to choose your preferred reply footer option.

Click me!

STEP 3 - Select your Signature. Then Click on OK. Finished.

Click me!


NOTE1 - You can choose to use the default signatures from GeeDee. Select None to revert back to GeeDee default signatures.
NOTE2 - Please be sure that your images in the Signatures are in a .BMP, .JPG or .PNG format. .GIF will not translate correctly and you will just see a big red crossed box instead of an image.

Click me!





Click me to expand / collapse information.NAB Connect B-Pay

For Security reasons

Nab Connect now require the tick box for Balancing Entry to be selected to enable the B-Pay file to be read.

Go to System Setup / Bank and select this section. Once System Setup is closed and GeeDee for Windows re-opened you will be able to read the file.

Note: Everyone needs to be closed out of GeeDee for Windows for System Setup to be accessed.

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- Title - GDMS

Click me to expand / collapse information. GeeDee Document Management Systems




Title - GeeDee Training

Click me to expand / collapse information.GeeDee Training

Training Order Form


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