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2018 January Newsletter

2018 January Newsletter

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2018 January Newsletter

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    tipbulb This newsletter contains important information about the GeeDee software program. It is important that all users of the system receive and read a copy.  Please forward this email on to all users in your office.  To subscribe to this newsletter please click here.


GeeDee News Update



Title - Remember Web Updates


Please be advised that the latest Build Version 297 for GeeDee has been updated

After running your Web Update you may be prompted to run a GeeDee Index. See Index steps below.

    How to run a GeeDee Index

 Step 1. Launch GeeDee Backup Index.
image 1

  Step 2. Enter initials and login.


  Step 3. Select Index and click OK to the 2 “OK” prompts to complete Index process. Close when completed


     NEW & ADDITIONAL CHANGES within GeeDee Realty Systems Build 297

Note   Tenant Invoices Emailed

Note   Bpay adjustment showing maximum payments per batch

Note   Creditors setup to process by BPay- Biller Code (available for Macquarie Bank, Westpac, Commonwealth, Bankwest, ANZ & National )

note   Creditors processing payments by BPay and ABA files



Click me to expand / collapse information. Tenant Invoices Emailed

When Tenant Invoices are emailed it now states in the subject line that it is a Tenant Invoice with the Tenant ID in brackets. It is NOT the Tenant Invoice number listed

tenant invoice email


Click me to expand / collapse information. Bpay Batch limits


Each bank has a limit to how many Bpays can be processed in one batch. The program now lists this on the Bpay report and allows another batch to be made.

The example below shows that Commonwealth Bank has a limit of 200. The Bpay batch for 200 is a total of $32,389.59. It also shows there are still 241 BPay not processed.

bpay report1

Once you Print Report and Pay Creditors it will show the payments not made as "BPMax".

bpay report 2

     When ready to make the file it will also show there are more payments to be made. Example below 241 that will not be processed.

bpay report3

Once this file has been closed and uploaded to the bank you can go back into the pay creditors and make another payment.

bpy record 4

bpay record 5

It will continue to show how many items are still to be made example 40 Bpay that will not be processed.

Again once this has been made and uploaded to the bank go into pay creditors and make the final file Bpay batch.

bpay record 6

Please note : These limits are set by each bank and do differ.



       Creditors setup to pay by BPay- Biller Code


You are able to pay Creditors by BPay.

This is available for Westpac, Commonwealth, Macquarie Bank, Bankwest, ANZ  & National.


Bpay is useful for paying bills such as water, council rates, strata levies and any other creditor who has a BPay biller code. Similar to the ABA file for EFT payments, GeeDee creates a BPay file that you can upload to the bank paying creditors invoices in bulk without the hassle of remittances slips and cheques.


Files created by GeeDee are

ANZ                                          ANZBpay.txt               Clients need to have "ANZ Transactive product" for importing BPay files Help Video

Bankwest                                BWABPay.csv            Available now for clients

Commonwealth                      CBABPay.txt              Available now however clients need to have "Commbiz" it is not available for "Netbank"  

Macquarie                               MBLBPay.Bpay         Available now for clients

National                                   NABBpay.bpb            Clients need to have it activated on their bank software, it must be "National Online Corporate and Direct Link". Clients also require a BPay Batch Customer ID supplied by NAB

Westpac                                   WBCBPay.csv            Clients need to have "Westpac Corporate product"for importing Bpay files


Once activated you are required to set up information in GeeDee.


Note  Go to System Setup Bank Tab and select your bank and enter a BPay code any 4 digit number eg 1234 (Please note NAB supply a Customer ID) and close System Setup.


Note  Go into GeeDee for Windows and Creditor Details can be changed under Maintain Creditor.

To change the method of payment you need to complete the details under the individual creditor. Creditor/ Maintain/ Select Creditor/ Edit

To pay by BPay you need to add the Biller Code and tick Pay By BPay and Ok


   To pay Electronic by ABA file add the BSB & Account No and tick Pay By Transfer and OK



To pay by Cheque don't select anything



Once you have selected how the creditor is to be paid close out of GeeDee and once reopened the method of payment registers under Creditor maintain either by Chq, Bpay of EFT.

creditor bpay1

         Creditors processed by Bpay- Biller Code or ABA file

Note  When creating Creditor accounts you must ensure you enter the BPay reference number and Tab through. If the BPay reference number is not entered the account will not be paid


Note  Go to Creditor Pay Accounts.

(Please note if accounts have already been entered prior to activating BPay details these will need to be re entered if you want them to be paid by BPay).

creditor bpay5


Always Print report first to enable checking before processing, it will register the type of payment and also the Bpay reference number.

If there is no ref number the account will not get paid see examples below. You would then need to remove the account and re enter correctly.











Once checked then go back in and Print Report and Pay Creditors



You will then be prompted to Pay Creditors and select Yes




You will then be prompted to create a banking file and click OK




You will then be taken to the Direct Payment File screen. Note you can print or email remittance for a ABA file. The ABA file creates 1 total for the Creditor and the remittance breaks down what each payment is for.



Select ABA and Make ABA File. Once file is made it saves in new location for ABA files.



and then the Batch has been closed.



Then you will be prompted if you also have a BPay to pay.




To process this payment select Bpay and Make BPay File. Note a remittance slip is not required as these are individual payments for each property and has been connected to their individual reference number.




Once files are made they appear in C:\GDReports\Bankfiles as a ABA & BPay ready for you to upload to the bank




Once processed they will also appear in the Bank Statement Reconciliation

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