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Adding New Users

Adding New Users

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Adding New Users

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New and Additional Users

The "GeeDee AdminTool" is what you need to use in TSplus.
AdminTool (The software access code may be requested from GeeDee Software Support Staff.)
To create users, the "GeeDee AdminTool" will help you to do so. See screens below for steps to follow...
Each user must have a logon AND a password. Beware when you create users of the box checked by default: "User must change password at next logon", if you don't want your user to change his/her password each time, uncheck this box and check the "Password never expires" or "User cannot change password".


Windows 10

For Windows 10 Home users, the process to create users is different, since you will get this error message if you wish to create users with TSplus:

Open the Start menu and click on Settings, then on Accounts, select the 'Family and other Users' tab, and click on the 'add someone else to this PC' button:
On the 'How will this person sign in?' window, click on the 'I don't have this person sign-in information' line at the bottom.

On the next window: 'Let's create your account', click on the 'Add a user without a Microsoft account' line at the bottom and finally, fill-in the required fields to create your user.
Application publishing and Application Control.

One of TSplus major benefit is the freedom to assign application to user(s) or to a group of users using the GeeDee AdminTool.

If you assign one application to a user, he/she will only see this application. You can request may GeeDee to add other alternative applications to be driven from the TSplus system at a standard Technical rate.

In this example, the GeeDee Administrator has decided that the user “ad” will get the TSplus Taskbar with 4 applications: Notepad, Word, Excel and Outlook.



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