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Archiving Records

Archiving Records

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Archiving Records

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Records are dependent on each other to retain the integrity of the database, so you cannot delete records.


Archived records are retained in the database, and can be restored to normal records again. For this reason, the unique ID numbers of Lessors, Properties, Tenants, and Trust Accounts cannot be reused.


Sometimes it is necessary to be able to look up the details of an Lessor, property or tenant some time after he or she has left, therefore these records can be archived. Archiving records should not be confused with making tenant records inactive.


On the GeeDee desktop, in the bottom right hand corner of the 4 main pages, there is a button with a filing cabinet graphic. This is the archive button. If you wish to archive a tenant then press the Archive button on the page.



Some records cannot be archived.


For example

If there are current period's transactions, then the details of the tenant need to appear on the Lessor Statement.

The tenant may have accounts outstanding. Whatever the reason, a warning box will appear on the screen, and the record will not be archived until the conditions are met.


Sometimes the operator will have to alter or enter data so that the conditions can be met.

For example the tenant vacate date may be needed. The tenant's bond may need to be sorted out.



NOTE: Archived Records are not immediately deleted from the database; they are only removed from view.

It is a simple process if you ever need to view these records again.


On the drop down menu select File and then select Show Archived.

This will also print ARCHIVED in bottom corner near archiving filing cabinet.



All records that have been archived will now be available again. Their transaction history and all other data can now be retrieved or printed. While the program is in this state, no transactions (receipts, cheques etc.) can be processed.


To return to the normal mode, go to File drop down menu and untick Show Archived again. All archived records will now not be able to be viewed.



If required, it is possible to restore an archived record. The procedure is as follows:

On the drop down menu select File and then select Show Archived.
Locate the record that requires unarchiving.
Press the Archive button and you will be asked if you wish to unarchive the record.



In order to unarchive a lessor, the linked property must first be unarchived.

In order to unarchive a tenant, the linked property must first be unarchived.



Archived Records remain in the database for 36 processing periods. They are then deleted. For this reason, the end of period backups must be retained so that records prior to this time can be assessed.  If you wish to retain data longer than 36 months, this can be changed in your System file. Please contact GeeDee Support Staff for assistance.


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