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Audit Reports

Audit Reports

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Audit Reports

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For the purpose of auditing the Trust Account, the system automatically prints out a number of reports, which will assist auditors.

These are printed when the first person logs into GeeDee after the last day of the month and are often referred to as the 1st of the month audit reports.

Note: These MUST be printed immediately.


Once these are printed GeeDee will complete a backup.


The program will first print out a cover page showing the processing period, the date etc. It is suggested that all these reports be bound into a single volume for each period. The 12 for the year can then be presented to the auditor.


The following reports must be printed:

Cash Book
Bank Reconciliation
Trust Trial Balance, Lessor Balances & Bond Listing
Daily Transaction List
Trust Account & Lessor Ledgers
Daily Banking
Tenant Funds Held Against Future Accounts



If these reports did not successfully print then go to Trust drop-down Audit Type Reports and print from there.

Note: No transactions should have been completed for these to be accurate.



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