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Backup - GeeDee Drop

Backup - GeeDee Drop

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Backup - GeeDee Drop

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- Title - Offsite Backups

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GeeDee Drop Backups via MEGA Cloud Sync (Australasia, Oceanic Servers)

Below is some useful key information for general office documentation, personal files and Trust data information for backups.
Whichever direction you take, moving or sending your office files out of your office is essential. Especially for users where their home is also their office. Before we proceed any further, I would recommend that all users proceed with the setup of a remote backup option. Mega Backup is free, but you can choose an alternative. Just have one available. Please read below for further information...
Alternative USB and remote offsite backup sync option.  There is a local, new and free off-site remote option available - . A better alternative than our previously prompted option. It is also much easier to control and has a FREE 50GB limit!
The only difference is that this software for syncing can be installed on any PC for \GeeDee Drop\ offsite backups. I would still install it on the main PC for GeeDee Desktop.  Please download from here -
Getting Started


STEP 1 - ‘Create Account’



Setting up an account with Mega is simple. All users need is an email address and password to get started. The service is truly free as there is no need to include a credit card during setup.
Mega is known mainly for their security. The company utilizes AES encryption protocols to secure files prior to transfer from the user’s computer. The files then remain encrypted during transit and once they are saved on Mega’s servers.

During setup, a master key will be created for you, and you will be prompted to select from one of their paid offerings, but just go ahead with the “Create a free account” option.


Once you are logged into your account, it is very easy to navigate around. You will see options to upload files or create a new folder near the top.


STEP 2 – Once you have verified account setup via their email and you have logged into the Backup Website,
Download and install the 'Sync Client'.  Please select 'Sync Client' and this will take you to the page where you can click on 'Free Download'.
Please Save and Run the 'MEGAsyncSetup.exe' software program.
megaapp3   megaapp2
Mega Remote and Offsite Backup is now installed! Now you can select your desired items to send offsite of backing up. All done!
Please create and then verify your account. You will receive an email from Mega. Then let us know when you have completed this step, it is again just a matter of right clicking the \GeeDee\Proman\Archives\GeeDee Drop\ folder to start sync offline.

Options to Select in final setup. Follow option choices below:
'Selective Sync'
Go with Deafult, select 'Next'.
Go with Deafult, select 'OK'.
* I also have this on all of my personal laptops and PCs as well as my families PC’s.
50Gb of space is a real boon and the encryption is second to none.  Below is some recent links to a couple of different reviews.

Verdict – From first Review Link


While the fundamental features of most cloud storage options are the same, MEGA’s 50GB free offer is just unbeatable, and its superb security encryption gives it the edge over some of the more popular options.


Overall, if high security and plenty of free space are your priorities in choosing a cloud storage, MEGA Cloud will serve your needs very well.
Mega offers some of the best security among cloud storage services, which is what it’s best known for. Allowing users to maintain access to their master encryption keys is the most important feature this cloud storage company could offer. There is no unauthorized access by employees because they do not have access to user passwords or encryption tools. They cannot turn over unsecured files to a third party, even if that entity has legal recourse to access those files.



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Free Continuous Mega File Backup Options

We have been researching for a service to store electronic data (documents and photo’s) in the cloud for some time now. An easily managed replacement for Dropbox that we, GeeDee, and many of our clients and friends are now using.

MEGA is essentially an encrypted data storage and sharing service. It offers cloud-based storage space that can be accessed through any device connected to the internet. The service allows you to upload and download your data using any web browser. You can also access the service through some dedicated client applications.

The best thing about MEGA is that this cloud-based storage system is built on confidentiality and security. The service is aimed at securing your data and protecting your privacy. Of course, the promoters want to protect their interests too, and that is why they have incorporated more security into the backend.

How does MEGA work?

You can upload your files and pictures by dragging and dropping. The process is quite simple. Interestingly, you can start uploading even before you register an account with MEGA. You just need to find the folder and select the pictures you intend to upload. Before the uploading begins you will see MEGA’s ‘Limited Terms of Service’ message. If you intend to proceed simply click ‘Accept’ and the uploading will begin.


Enable Offsite Backup Folder Location - GeeDee Drop

In GeeDee System Setup, you can check the GeeDee Drop folder location and enable additional backup location and offsite option. (Exit all GeeDee users before opening GeeDee System Setup).
Note: This new folder is an exact copy of your current backups for your offsite and remote backup and syncing software.





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