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BigPond Email Servers

BigPond Email Servers

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BigPond Email Servers

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Click me to expand / collapse information.Bigpond / Telstra Emails - Where have they gone?

tipbulb Why does BigPond delete my emails?


The rules for Telstra / BigPond have changed again.


If you have a Business Account or a Static IP you were NOT supposed to be limited on your emails being sent. THIS IS NOT THE CASE AT ALL!

telstra exempt



All Telstra / Bigpond customers are restricted to be able to send only 25 email per 10 minute block.




You and your clients are not going crazy, they are just not even being sent or reported back to you that they are not going to be deleted.




!exclamation To prevent this, you must now purchase - Business Mail


telstra bus mail


SMTP Servers

Business =

Other =


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tipbulb New Updates to the GeeDee Email Handler - View emailed attachments...

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Click me to expand / collapse information.Telstra Business Provisioning  -  Big delays in setup and transfer times... Please be patient and test.

From: Telstra Business Provisioning



To: Client

Subject: Welcome to your new hosting service.:




Your new email and/or website hosting account will be ready to set up in 4 hours time.


Thank you for choosing Telstra Business Broadband to host your online services.


This email contains the information you'll need to set up and manage your new services via our online management platform, called Mission Control.


Please note: If you already have an active domain ( DO NOT finalise its redelegation to Telstra or change the DNS settings with your host until after you've set up your website and/or mailboxes in Mission Control.



1. Accessing Mission Control.


To enter Mission Control, simply open in your web browser and login using your assigned username and password which can be found at the end of this notification.



2. Setting up your Business Mail mailboxes.

i)        In Mission Control, click Business Mail in the left hand menu.

ii)        Click Edit/Create Mailboxes in the sub menu.

iii)        From the New Mailbox options, select Business Mail POP, Standard

or Advanced.

iv)        Click the Create Mailbox button

v)        Enter the appropriate details.

vi)        Click Save.


3. Setting up SMTP Mass Email (if ordered)


SMTP Mass Email lets Business Mail POP email customers send high volume email (such as bulk emails). There is no limit on the number of emails sent, however an individual message cannot be more than 20MB.  


If you ordered an SMTP Mass Email service, please wait 48 hours before using this service. After this time you can start using it by simply changing the outbound mail server in your email client to



4. Setting up your Business Online website (if ordered).


Instructions for setting up your Business Online service are located in Mission Control, under Help Me > Documentation. There are also several tools to help you get up and running quickly, including a Quick Start Guide, the Business Online Website Builder User's Guide and a Business Online User's Guide



5. Managing your domain name.


* If your domain name will be hosted by Telstra

When you redelegate an existing domain name to Telstra Hosting, we'll email you a Redelegation Request form. This form must be completed and returned to us - but only after you have set up your website and mailboxes in Mission Control.


Once your new or redelegated domain name is launched on our Domain Name

Servers, it can take up to two days to be replicated on other servers so

internet and email users to access your services. (This delay can vary

with domain name types and the domain name authority involved.)


* If your domain name is being hosted elsewhere

If your existing domain name will be hosted by another service provider

or Telstra CustData, you'll need to give your host the following DNS

settings for Business Mail and/or Business Online. With Telstra

Custdata, you can update the DNS settings yourself, online.


Remember to co-ordinate Domain Name Renewals with your host, so that

your email and website services are not interrupted. (Telstra Hosting

manages renewals for its customers.)


Primary MX Record:

Host Name


Secondary MX Record:

Host Name



Need help?


You'll find a range of comprehensive help in the Help Me > Documentation

section of Mission Control. If you need further assistance, please call

the Telstra Business Technical Helpdesk on 1800 066 594.


Thank you again for choosing Telstra Business Broadband.


Yours sincerely,



Telstra Business


Telstra Corporation Limited. ABN 33 051 775 556.



The contents of this email are strictly confidential. If you are not the

intended recipient, any use, disclosure or copying of this email

(including any attachments) is unauthorised and prohibited. If you have

received this email in error, please notify Telstra immediately by

return email and then delete the message from your system. Telstra

Corporation Limited. ABN 33 051 775 556.



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