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Bond List from Administrator

Bond List from Administrator

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Bond List from Administrator

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When the Administrator adds extra bonds to your client list the most recent tenant bond is added to the top of the list.

The Bond Number eg shown below 91519/14 is 91519 represents the number and the/14 represents the year. The oldest bonds move further down the list with the latest showing at the top.


To be able to search these numbers easily as a CSV file (Cdrive/GDReports) it is recommended to put the year first then the number eg 14/91519.

This will make it easier to reconcile the same sequence as the Bond Administrator, however in many cases this may not have been entered previously this way and a huge task to amend.

You can still use a CSV spreadsheet to data sort however any 4 digit numbers will be out of sequence and the report not as accurate.


In this instance if there are only 4 numbers we suggest to always add a 0 first.

This then will show 5 digits before the year. eg 1519/14 enter a 0 first to read 01519/14

This will make it easier when searching using a CSV/Excel spreadsheet.



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