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Booking tab

Booking tab

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Booking tab

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The Booking Tab is the main default tab to allow the entry of the bulk of the details about the Booking.



Booking tab



The booking will apply to the Property of the last active cell line in the grid. You cannot change the selected property from this screen.



Name - This can be entered surname first (followed by a comma). If the tenant has previously had a booking in the system, click the button next to the box. The name and address details of this previous booking can be transferred into the current booking.






Address - If a suburb name that is in the database is entered in the second line, then it will be converted to uppercase and the Postcode appended to the line. This address is printed on receipts.



Period -

The start date will also be selected from the last active cell in the grid, but may be changed either by entering the figures or selecting the date from the pull-down calendar. Set the start and end dates of the rental period. Holiday bookings are per night rather than per day and do not allow for double booking, the tenant will occupy the premises and depart on the day (generally the morning) following the end date.



Charge - The daily rate will be selected from the property details appropriate for the season of the booking. A period rental charge will be calculated. Both these amounts may be overwritten depending on any particular circumstances. The default values of charges are taken from the Property Details tab.



Sundries – These are only displayed on this screen. Use the Sundries tab at the bottom of the page to create sundry charges for a booking.



Management Fee – The management fee is automatically calculated by the program and displayed. This value can be manually overwritten. Note that it is not an additional charge to the tenant, but is subtracted from the total charge to the Landlord. Once the booking has been fully paid, the management fee will automatically be journalled to the management fee account during the end of month processing. In this way it will be collected as a part of the end of month payment to business.



Deposit required by - This date is normally set as the booking date plus 7 days.



Status - Normally a booking will start off as a "Provisional" booking. Once some form of deposit payment has been made, then the status will automatically be changed to "Confirmed". Depending on the company's policy, if provisional bookings are not confirmed within the required period then they may be either deleted or overwritten by other bookings.



Comment – This can be useful for entering any particular requirement or note on the booking. (eg. If the tenant will be arriving late etc.)  This Comment will appear on the arrivals and departures report listing list.




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