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Cheque Toolbox

Cheque Toolbox

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Cheque Toolbox

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This item has a number of functions regarding cheques. It can:

Print a cheque.
Reverse a cheque.
Reissue a cheque.
Increment (change) increase the number of an issued cheque.
Decrement (change) decrease the number of an issued cheque.
Issue a Remittance advice.
Change the next cheque number to match the cheque in printer or book.


Banking Cheque Toolbox

The grid displays a list of all outstanding cheques. Before any operation, use the mouse pointer to highlight the particular cheque.


Cheque Toolbox

The Print button will print the currently indicated cheque. It can be used for cheques that were not printed at the time of the transaction. If the printer caused a problem with the cheque form, first renumber the cheque(s) using the Increment and Decrement. Then print it again.


The Reverse button creates reverse transactions and cancels the cheque in the Bank Reconciliation . DO NOT REVERSE JUST BECAUSE IT DID NOT PRINT. Any cheque, which has already been reconciled, cannot be reversed. Only cheques issued in the current period can be reversed. After reversal, the cheque transaction will also appear together with a reverse transaction. The transaction will not appear on Lessor Statements.


The Reissue button cancels the original cheque in the system, replaces, and prints another cheque with a new cheque number. This can be useful for cheques that have been lost. DO NOT REISSUE A CHEQUE JUST BECAUSE IT DID NOT PRINT, USE THE PRINT FUNCTION. The original cheque is cancelled in the Bank Reconciliation and the operator must place a stop payment for it at the bank. Cheques that have been reconciled cannot be reissued.

Note: You can only reissue a cheque if it is for the exact same amount and payee.


The Remittance button allows you to print a remittance advice for a particular cheque.


The Next Cheque Number register can be changed. This is the number of the next cheque to be issued. It does not affect the details of any cheque in the grid. It can be useful to use the attached spinner (up & down arrow) to increment or decrement the number. Note: This is not a search box.




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