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The system is designed to print almost any format of cheque. The position of the date, payee name, amount etc can be set in the cheque page of the System Setup program. The amount can be spelt out in blocks, or as a sentence (e.g. one thousand two hundred dollars). When in blocks, the exact position of each block is specified. When as a sentence, the position of the sentence will be that specified by the position of the $100,000 block. If setting a new cheque format, it is best done very roughly and then refined using the preview button on the setup.


If a printing company is printing the cheques then it is far easier to use the standard GeeDee cheque format rather than to work out the exact settings for a new dimension of cheque. Cheques may be on tractor fed paper for dot matrix printers or on single A4 or A5 sheets for bubble jet printers.


A list of all the cheques issued is available using the daily transaction list. They are reconciled using the Bank Reconciliation system. They may be reprinted or renumbered in the system.


Cheques can be printed, renumbered, or reissued using the Cheque Toolbox.



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