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Commercial in Residential

Commercial in Residential

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Commercial in Residential

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Many commercial properties can be managed successfully in the residential system by using the guidelines below.


If the LEASE has been set up as an ALL INCLUSIVE LEASE eg $2,000 per month including rent and outgoings then you use the GeeDee Residential System.


When setting up commercial properties in the residential system the Type will be show as Residential. It is therefore recommended that a new Area called Commercial be created. This can be done on the Areas page of System Setup.


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Commercial properties can come in many forms and there are many ways that they can be entered into the GeeDee system to achieve the desired result. The most basic ways are detailed below and it is recommended that you contact GeeDee support for advice on the setup that will best suit your situation.



If the Lessor is registered for GST, enter the ABN number on the Lessor Details screen.
If there is a GST on the rent, enter a date in the GST on Rent From field on the Property Details screen.
If there is no GST on rent at this time, but it will apply to outgoings, enter the date the GST on rent will apply or a date in the future (eg: 31/12/2020)
All inclusive funds go to the Lessor
Lessor pays accounts through Creditor Accounts from Lessor Funds the same as Residential Lessors


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Another Option is using the Residential program for Commercial however holding V/O funds on behalf of Lessor



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