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CSV Exports Single Column

CSV Exports Single Column

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CSV Exports Single Column

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Basic information on changing GeeDee CSV exports to single column with MS Excel.



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Open Excel.
Copy column from your GeeDee's CSV into notepad.


Paste into a clean separate sheet in Excel using a Right Click in column A. Select the "A" Paste Options, choosing "Keep Text Only (T)".



When you select the "A" Paste Options choosing "Keep Text Only (T)", additional Paste Options appear at the bottom, Click and select the "Use Text Import Wizard...".
Choose Delimiters "Space".

Select Finish.

Copy and paste into original database sheet or desired location...


Libre Office

1.) Opens List and presses the <CTRL> and the <A> keys at the same time.
2.) Goes to menu and opens Libre Office Calc.
3.) Selects a cell, any cell, and presses <Control> and <V> at the same time.
4.) Views the "language" dialogue box, and accepts the default of Automatic.
5.) If your "any cell" was A1, select columns A to D, then select <Format> -> <Merge Cells> -> <Split Cells>.
6.) With columns A to D still highlighted, Select <Data>, <sort> then choose to sort on column C in ascending or descending order if you want price, column A if you want alphabetical order, column B if you want original price or column D if you want to get the biggest discount regardless of what crap you order.




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