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Daily Banking

Daily Banking

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Daily Banking

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All cheque and cash receipt details are automatically added to the Daily Banking file. At any time the contents of the file can be printed or viewed to check on the funds that are available for banking. The file can be closed and the funds taken to the bank with the printed deposit slip. This will post an entry in the Bank Reconciliation that must correspond to an entry on the statement.


Banking Daily Banking Deposit

In the Trust Account, there is an account record (Ledger No 2) called Daily Banking that is debited when all cash or cheque receipts are saved in the database. The balance of this account is equal to current daily banking amount. When the banking is closed, a transaction is generated and the balance returns to zero.


The form shows the total amount of cash and cheques that are currently in the daily banking. Previous bankings may be viewed And/or printed by changing the banking number in the top right corner of the form.


It is possible to make some changes to the banking regarding the form of a receipt. The cheque column indicates which items are cheques. The receipt can be changed from cash to cheque and vice versa by clicking on this checkbox. Changes to the drawer's name, bank, and branch can also be changed on the form.


If there is an error in a receipt amount, the whole receipt must be reversed.


To close the banking you must ensure that the total in GeeDee exactly matches the total of cash and cheques then click the Close Banking button.


daily banking


Do not close your banking until have actually, really verified the cash and cheques, both for the number of items AND the dollar value. If the two amounts do not match, and the banking is closed regardless, a problem will have been created as well as the potential for errors.






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