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December 2010

December 2010

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December 2010

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This newsletter contains important information about the GeeDee software program. It is important that all users of the system receive and read a copy.  Please forward this email on to all users in your office.  To subscribe to this newsletter please click here.

GeeDee News Update



It's Christmas time!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for their support during the past 12 months and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous 2011. GeeDee Support staff will be available over the Christmas/New Year period with public holidays being the exception.





Title - end of year

Click me to expand / collapse information. End of Year Procedures



Please Remember:

1.December may be the end of the Real Estate year but it is no different to any other Period End.
2.On the first working day of the new calendar year, you are required to print your Audit Reports for the calendar year close of business.
3.These reports MUST be printed before entering any data for the New Year.
4.Make a BACKUP of your system onto your chosen media device and retain separately in case of any further enquiries from your auditor.


Bank Statements:

1.Arrange with your bank prior to 31 December to pick up a statement on your FIRST trading day of 2011.
2.Or if you have access to ONLINE BANKING - Print a statement from the closing date of your last bank reconciliation to end of trading on 31 December.
3.This statement must contain all transactions from the last statement you have received to end of trading on 31 December.
4.Referring to your bank statement; receipt all monies paid into the trust account up to and including the 31/12/2010.
5. DO NOT Receipt monies that have been paid at the office or received in the mail.(as these items are not on the bank statement).
6.You should then complete a Bank Reconciliation up to 31/12/2010.
7.Complete and roll over the bank reconciliation.
8. Print another Trust Account Trial Balance, Lessor Trial Balance and a Bond Listing which will include any transactions you entered from your 31/12/2010 bank statement. These reports should be kept with the Bank Reconciliation for your Auditor.





No need to panic, we will be here for December period end as usual.  Our support staff will be available over the Christmas/New Year holiday period with the exceptions being the following days:

Friday December 24th - Christmas Eve- Closing at 1:00PM

Monday 27th - Christmas Day Holiday - CLOSED

Tuesday 28th - Boxing Day Holiday - CLOSED

Friday 31st - New Years Eve - Closing at 2:00PM

Monday 3rd - New Years Holiday - CLOSED





Title - Holidays

Click me to expand / collapse information.Going on Holidays?

!exclamation If you are the primary GeeDee operator in your office and you are going on holidays over the Christmas/New Year break, it is essential that you attend to the following items:

As detailed above, remember that the “First of the Month” reports MUST be printed when GeeDee is opened for the first time in the New Year. Ensure that the person doing your job follows the prompts, prints the reports and does a backup at this time.

Make sure that at least one person is familiar with the setup and operation of pcAnywhere. This program is vital in assisting us to provide the necessary support for our clients and it must be kept up to date and re-installed should you have a computer upgrade.

Explain the purpose of the daily Integrity Check and importance of faxing any errors to our office as soon as they occur.

Ensure that Daily Backups will be done in your absence and that the daily transaction reports are being printed. Don’t run the risk of coming back to a possible disaster!




Title -Build 180

tog_plusBuild 180

!exclamationPlease ensure you do regular web updates and that you're on the current build.
note New features in Build 180

Merge fields added to letters:  (1) Vendor settlement agent phone and fax,  (2) Tenant Bond in Admin.
SMS subject field increased to 50 characters in length.
Direct Payment charge option added.




tog_plusEmail Handler Version 17


Email Handler Version 17 is available with Build 180. Please ensure that all GeeDee users have version 17.


note New features in GeeDee Email Handler Version 17

Ability to Re-send emails.
Print a report of emails.
View 14 days email history.
Stop/Start sending button.
To optimise email use make sure email addresses are added to the Areas tab in System Setup. Each area should have a valid address so they will receive reply/undeliverable emails.





Title - Toggles

"How to" for Toggles: Expanding and collapsing information


The toggle feature enables you to expand text and images in the help with just a few simple clicks. Toggles are powerful and easy to use. Toggles make it possible to scan the content of a topic quickly and then click to display only the relevant information.















Title - GeeDee Training





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Title - Subscribe


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Title - Remember Web Updates



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