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Inspection Negotiation

Inspection Negotiation

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Inspection Negotiation

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Inspection Negotiation.


You can create your own letter which can be either emailed or posted to tenants and will be recorded in Alerts when making the initial arrangements for an Inspection.


Under Edit Letter, create a Tenant Type Letter which must be named DUEDISCUSS and enter a description.


Then go to Alerts, Inspections and select Print/ Email Letter where you will have the option to select either DUEDISCUSS or DUEINSPECT.


Once this is processed it will record the date under either Negotiated or Advised and will be recorded in Tenant Notes along with the letter being saved.

negotiated letter
Example Letter:
Dear <<Tenant Name>>


             RE: Arranging Inspection Times


Good Morning. We are currently in the process of arranging our inspections for the coming month. We propose an inspection on the <PROMPT to enter date here> between <PROMPT TIMES EG 8:45am and 12:00pm>. If you are unduly inconvenienced by this date please advise as soon as possible to reschedule. If a response is not received within the next 48 hours we will assume that this time is convenient and will attend using the office key if you are not able to be home at this time.

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