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Edit a Letter

Edit a Letter

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Edit a Letter

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In the File drop down click Edit Letter.



This form provides the functions of creating, modifying and deleting merged letters stored within the database there is a Search button and a database Navigator.


Click to Expand


The functions of the items on the form are:


The Search and Navigator buttons

Used to find existing letters in the database.


The Type of letter

See merged letters section.


The Name and Description Fields

Each letter must have a Unique Name and a description.


The Set Address Font button

This adjusts the address font to match the font of the body of the letter.


The Main Text Editing Box

Allows the user to create a letter of any length. The text is automatically wrapped around as it is entered, and it may contain merge fields and variable fields. Double Left Click the text editing box for a scrolling list of available fields. A << or >> sign at the beginning and end of the field identifies a merge field. E.g: <<MANAGER>> is the name of the Property Manager for the area. A variable field is designated with arrowed brackets. E.g: <Some Name>. For tenant and Lessor type letters, the date and the receivers address is not required. There is no limit to how many fields can be included, or how many times they appear on a line.


The New button

This creates a new record. The operator must fill in the name and description fields, and set the letter type. A basic text of the letter will be created; it must be modified to the required meaning. To cancel the creation of a new letter, press the X button on the Navigator.


The Delete button

This deletes the current record containing the text of a letter. BEWARE, THIS CANNOT BE REVERSED.


The Preview button

Shows a preview of the letter, as it will be printed on an A4 page.


The Formatting box

Right Click and a box for formatting the text appears, e.g. cut, bold, font etc.


Each letter has a Type, which determines the name and address that is printed on the top of the page, fitting in a window envelope.


The Types are:

Lessor - with the Lessors name and address (property management).

Tenant- with the Tenant's Name and address (property management).

Vendor - with the Vendor's Name and address (sales).

Purchaser - with the Purchasers Name and address ( sales).

Vendor Settlement Agent - with the Name and address which of the agent representing the vendor (sales).

Purchaser Settlement Agent - with the Name and address which of the agent representing the purchaser (sales).

Conjunctional Agent - with the Name and address of the conjunctional agent (sales).

Document - printed on plain paper with no letterhead.


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