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Electricity Consumption

Electricity Consumption

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Electricity Consumption

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For most residential properties, electricity consumption is paid by the tenant. It does not involve the Lessor or property manager.


For Strata's, and commercial properties, a system of common meters can exist so that like water consumption, the charge must be paid by the Lessor (or managing authority), and then recovered from the tenants. The electricity bill is paid through the Creditor system.


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The charge to each tenant can have up to three constituent parts:

The consumption charge for the number of units consumed by the tenant.
The daily supply charge for the supply of the service.
The common lighting charge.


Find the Lessor record using the Search or Navigator buttons.
Select the applicable tariff rate from the drop down combo box.
Enter the start and end dates for the consumption period.
Enter the common lighting charge to be recovered.
Press the Calculate button. For the connected current tenants displayed in the grid, the supply and common lighting charges will be d.


On each row of the grid, for each tenant:

Enter the meter number.
Enter the start and end meter readings, and the consumption charge will be d.
If necessary, edit the d supply and common lighting charges.
Press Print to Display/Print consumption invoices, and a summary.
Press Commit to add the amounts to the tenants accounts .


GST on electricity consumption may require a new tariff to be created. See GST on electricity consumption for details.

The calculation of common lighting charges for the tenants is based upon the percentage allocation that is only available for commercial tenants. Hence for non-commercial properties, the calculation must be made by hand.


Until a charge is paid or cancelled, it will appear on the Tenant Statement and the outstanding accounts form It is optional to print the tenant invoices, but if they are not committed, the charges will not appear on the statement.


The Roll Over button will take a previous entered set of readings and make the final readings the initial readings, and the To Date becomes the From Date. All consumption and supply charges are then cleared.




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