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Gas Consumption

Gas Consumption

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Gas Consumption

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In a similar fashion to electricity consumption, it can happen that a master meter measures the gas consumption for a group of units and the individual consumption is monitored by individual meters. The Lessor or body corporate is then charged for the total consumption and recovery of the individual consumption needs to be calculated and recovered.


This program differs from the electricity consumption system in that it does not attempt to calculate the individual charge to each unit by using the standard scale of charges. Instead, it distributes the total cost on a pro rata basis depending and the individual proportion of the total gas consumption. In this way the total amount collected will sum up the total amount paid.


An additional administration fee can be charged to each unit to compensate the agent for the work involved in administration. This fee is a separate amount on the bill and must be GST inclusive. The disbursement code for the administration fee is configured so that when it is collected from the tenant, it is credited to the sundry fees account. In this way, it is automatically paid to the managing agent's business account at the end of the month.


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Find the Lessor record using the Search or Navigator buttons.
Enter the start and end dates for the consumption period.
Enter the administration charge to be recovered from each tenant.


On each row of the grid, for each tenant:

Enter the meter number.
Enter the start and end meter readings, and the consumption charge will be calculated.
If necessary, edit the calculated supply and common lighting charges.
Then - Press the Calculate button. For the connected current tenants displayed in the grid, the pro rata consumption charge will be calculated.


Press Invoice to Display/Print consumption invoices, and a summary.

Press Commit to add the amounts to the tenants' accounts.


Until a charge is paid or cancelled, it will appear on the Tenant Statement and the outstanding accounts form.


It is optional to print the tenant's invoices, but if they are not committed, the charges will not appear on the statement.

The Roll Over button will take a previous entered set of readings and make the final readings the initial readings, and the To Date becomes the From Date. All consumption and supply charges are cleared.




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