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GeeDee Customers Benefit with Console Cloud Partnership

GeeDee Customers Benefit with Console Cloud Partnership

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GeeDee Customers Benefit with Console Cloud Partnership

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Good afternoon to all of our valued clients
A massive thank you to all of our clients who responded with replies and forwarded emails. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  If you have not yet had a chance and you did also receive an email or any notice from Rockend that contains this false information would you please forward a copy of the email or other notifications to
You may have recently received an email from Rockend, alleging that GeeDee will soon be closing. We would like to assure you that this statement is completely false. The statement is also potentially unlawful, unethical and we will be reviewing our Legal Avenues to address.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you to all our clients who viewed the Console Cloud Autumn Release webinar last week. The webinar gave viewers an insight into Console’s vision, and broadcast the launch of six major new features in Console Cloud.

We’ve been working alongside Console since we were approached by Macquarie Bank, Console’s major shareholder. We believe that their premier cloud-based property management software, Console Cloud, is the most advanced application of its kind in the Australian market.

That’s why GeeDee decided to partner with Console, offering our clients a free migration and a locked in price for 12 months, together with the additional benefit of being able to continue to look up all GeeDee history. This all makes for a very attractive offer to transfer to Console Cloud

Nonetheless, GeeDee is still very much open for business, and counter to Rockend’s suggestion, we’re not going anywhere. We will also continue to support our valued customers.

You will be aware that GeeDee was first developed almost 35 years ago using the original Microsoft DOS operating system. It was then further upgraded so that it would operate in the newer MS Windows operating systems that were subsequently introduced.

Technology and Windows operating systems and security enhancements have now come a long way, making it increasingly difficult for many systems to operate at a level expected by today’s users. Cloud based systems are now the norm for accounting systems, banks and modern companies worldwide. The use of mobile phones, Tablets/iPads, and other modern hardware, make the use of a Cloud system a necessity for a modern Real Estate Agency.

GeeDee has always been a smaller boutique family business that has prided itself on giving the best possible support and service to its clients. To move into the next generation with a Cloud based system, to match and surpass those provided by our competitors, would cost millions of dollars. Based on Console’s vision and investment, it was decided the best course of action was to enter into an alliance with Console in order to give our GeeDee Clients the best avenue to Cloud software.

We know that not every user will decide to move to a cloud option in the short term, but we believe that this new technology is necessary in the interests of moving forward and being a competitive force in the Real Estate Property Industry.

We here at GeeDee believe our relationship with Console  will truly benefit our clients moving forward, especially when you witness the incredible progress of their Cloud product as well as their future roadmap and vision.

As Microsoft Operating Systems continue to be upgraded, along with common communication routines, GeeDee System will further encounter security hurdles like all common market File Server offerings.

We strongly recommend that anyone who missed last week’s Console Cloud Autumn webinar that they log into link…   to view at your convenience.

We look forward to discussing this opportunity further, so you will be hearing from either a GeeDee or a Console team member over the coming weeks.

GeeDee will continue to support all our users, both on our own platform and on Console Cloud. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
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