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GeeDee Evaluation - Demo System

GeeDee Evaluation - Demo System

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GeeDee Evaluation - Demo System

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Welcome to the demonstration version of GeeDee Realty Systems, the proven Trust Accounting Package from GeeDee Realty Systems Pty Ltd. GeeDee offers the fastest, easiest way to manage your trust accounting and rent roll professionally.


What is GeeDee Realty Systems?


GeeDee Realty Systems is a fully featured package for all real estate trust accounting: residential property management, strata management, commercial property management, holiday property management and property sales.


GeeDee Realty Systems simplifies the administration side of property management for the real estate industry through ease of use and comprehensive features.


Who uses GeeDee Realty Systems?


GeeDee Realty Systems is used by any real estate office or individual who wants to manage their client assets professionally and with minimal fuss.


How do I use this demo?


This demonstration version of GeeDee allows unlimited transactions.  This gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the main features of the program.


Where do I start?


You start wherever you want to.  By installing this demo version on your computer, you have the ability to use the program when you like, and to look at the parts of the program you want to look at.  This help file will assist you with procedures such as entering master files, receipting, disbursements, etc.  Use the Index and Contents menu on the left to find help on the features you want to look at.  Help can be accessed at any time in GeeDee by either pressing your F2 key, or by going to the Online WebHelp dropdown menu in GeeDee.


If after looking at the help file, you are still unsure about something, feel free to call the support desk, and our support staff will assist you.



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