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GeeDee Privacy Policy

GeeDee Privacy Policy

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GeeDee Privacy Policy

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GeeDee Realty Systems Pty Ltd ("GeeDee") will not provide any information, collected by GeeDee, to any other organisation or individual without express permission or legal compulsion such as a Court order.

GeeDee does not reveal, disclose, sell, distribute, rent, license, share or pass on to any parties your personal information without your written consent.

The privacy of GeeDee client's information (software database files) is of paramount concern to GeeDee.

GeeDee has obligations in relation to the protection of your data and privacy under various Australian Federal Government Acts of Parliament. For more information on our obligations with your personal particulars, visit the Australian Privacy Commissioner's website at:






GeeDee is committed to your privacy and accordingly safeguards your data with the utmost care protecting both your data and privacy.

GeeDee understands that many companies have information of a sensitive nature pertaining to them or their clients and therefore we take great care to ensure the highest possible level of privacy.

To this end we have established this "Privacy Policy", which outlines our procedures on the collection and use of GeeDee client database files and information.

GeeDee will comply with the Federal Privacy Commissioner's prevailing Privacy Principles in all respects, and in particular will not misuse your personal information for marketing.

GeeDee does not retain database files and information longer than is necessary for the purposes of compliance with the law and routine GeeDee Software Support.

GeeDee keeps client information on controlled facilities, which are secured against unauthorised access. Proof of identity will be required before information is released to any person, including a GeeDee client.

GeeDee typically communicates with its clients by email, and sends all urgent notifications, newsletters, information updates and accounts via email.

GeeDee ensures that all pcAnywhere remote access connections, transmission of passwords and sensitive personal information utilises encryption.

GeeDee is constantly improving and enhancing its services to clients, and may update this Privacy Policy from time to time.


If you have any queries or comments concerning GeeDee's Privacy Policy, call GeeDee Software Support on (08)9364 6677 or



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