Icon1 GeeDee Announcement
Icon2 Rockend's False Misleading eMails
Icon3 GeeDee Customers Benefit
Icon4 Welcome to GeeDee
Icon5 What's New Newsletter
Icon6 PIM - Property Inspection Manager
Icon7 Pocket Reporter Pro
Icon8 Remote and Web Solution
Icon8.1 More Features & Benefits
Icon8.2 How it works
Icon8.3 Pricing
Icon8.4 Technical
Icon8.4.1 Adding New Users
Icon8.4.2 Pre-requisites
Icon8.4.3 Printers
Icon8.4.4 Old School
Icon8.4.5 Edit or Delete Parameters
Icon9 Exetel SMS
Icon10 GeeDee Training Options
Icon11 Document Management System (GDMS)
Icon11.1 Top 10 Things You’ll Save
Icon11.2 I want GDMS installed...
Icon11.3 Paper Reduction Tips
Icon11.4 Information
Icon11.4.1 Is my Server running?
Icon11.4.2 Cannot process request error?
Icon11.4.3 Installing Archive Client
Icon11.4.4 PDF Scanner Software
Icon11.4.5 Change Default Scanning
Icon11.4.6 Scan directly from GDMS
Icon11.4.7 Tech Requirements + MFD
Icon11.4.8 Previewing PDFs
Icon11.4.9 Where do documents go
Icon11.4.10 Email Flow Process
Icon11.5 Key Features + Usage
Icon11.5.1 * Getting Started *
Icon11.5.2 Databases & Areas
Icon11.5.3 Settings
Icon11.5.4 Administrator & User Management
Icon11.5.5 Setting up a New User
Icon11.5.6 Setting up User Permissions
Icon11.5.7 * GDMS Backups *
Icon11.5.8 Update GDMS
Icon11.5.9 * Lessor | Property | Tenant | Creditor *
Icon11.5.10 Owners
Icon11.5.11 Properties
Icon11.5.12 Tenants
Icon11.5.13 Creditors
Icon11.5.14 * Filters *
Icon11.5.15 * OPTC & List View Email Button *
Icon11.5.16 * List View *
Icon11.5.17 * Input & Acquiring Items *
Icon11.5.18 Group Management
Icon11.5.19 * Bulk Emailing & Printing *
Icon11.5.20 * Email - Creating New *
Icon11.5.21 Search
Icon11.5.22 MessageBank
Icon11.5.23 Where do documents go
Icon12 Introduction
Icon12.1 Overview
Icon12.2 Legislative Requirements
Icon12.3 Calendar Convention
Icon12.4 Processing Periods
Icon12.5 New Client - New User
Icon12.6 Starting Up A New Bank Account
Icon12.7 Software Support Desk
Icon13 General Information
Icon13.1 Login Window
Icon13.2 The GeeDee Launcher
Icon13.3 The GeeDee Desktop
Icon13.4 Owner-Property-Tenant-Trust Account Buttons
Icon13.5 The Dropdown Menu System
Icon13.6 Main Notebook Tabs
Icon13.7 Navigating and Finding Records
Icon13.8 The DataBase Navigator
Icon13.9 Bar Code Scanning
Icon13.10 Power Find
Icon13.11 PDF's with Iphones
Icon13.12 Search Button
Icon13.13 Transactions Tab
Icon13.14 Notes
Icon13.15 Reminders
Icon13.16 Email Testing
Icon13.17 Shortcuts
Icon13.18 Alerts displays Wk Orders
Icon13.19 Password
Icon13.20 Email Handler
Icon13.21 Email Manager Features
Icon13.22 Inactive Landlord & Property
Icon13.23 Email Property Disbursement
Icon13.24 Email Tenant Invoice and add attachment
Icon13.25 GMail in Outlook
Icon13.26 GMail to PDF
Icon13.27 GDReports and csv files
Icon13.28 Report/Letter Dialog Box
Icon13.29 Viewing Reports and Letters
Icon13.30 Web Update
Icon13.31 [TAB] Key
Icon13.32 Shortcut keys
Icon13.33 Newsletters
Icon14 The File Menu
Icon14.1 Reminder
Icon14.2 View File Structure
Icon14.3 Alerts
Icon14.4 Check Lists
Icon14.5 Edit a Letter
Icon14.6 Archiving Records
Icon14.7 Letterheads
Icon14.8 Integrity Check
Icon14.9 Security Code
Icon14.10 Data Maintenance
Icon14.11 End of Day
Icon15 Lessor
Icon15.1 New Lessor
Icon15.2 Lessor Details Tab
Icon15.3 Areas
Icon15.4 Change of Ownership
Icon15.5 Lessor Payment Tab
Icon15.6 Lessor Balance
Icon15.7 Lessor Properties
Icon15.8 Lessor Receipts
Icon15.9 Lessor Payment
Icon15.10 Hold Lessor Funds
Icon15.11 Lessor Charges & Refunds
Icon15.12 Lessor Negative Charge
Icon15.13 Lessor Current Statements
Icon15.14 Summary Statements
Icon15.15 History Statements
Icon15.16 Lessor Tax Invoice
Icon15.17 Lessor Reports
Icon15.18 Lessor Trial Balance
Icon15.19 Lessor Mid Month Payment
Icon15.20 Process Charges
Icon16 Residential Properties
Icon16.1 New Property
Icon16.2 Property Details Tab
Icon16.3 Property Receipt
Icon16.4 Inspection Reports
Icon16.5 Property Reports
Icon16.6 Property Inspection Charge
Icon16.7 Vacant Properties
Icon16.8 Split or Combine Owner
Icon16.9 Commercial in Residential
Icon16.10 Commercial with V/O in Residential
Icon17 Tenants
Icon17.1 New Tenant
Icon17.2 Tenant Details Screen
Icon17.3 Direct Debit Rent Payments
Icon17.4 Biller Code/ BPay
Icon17.5 Periodic Leases - How To Handle
Icon17.6 Inactive Tenants
Icon17.7 The Inactive List
Icon17.8 Rent Increase
Icon17.9 Rent Calculator
Icon17.10 Paid To Date Calculations
Icon17.11 Rents and Levies
Icon17.12 Weekly rent to monthly
Icon17.13 Tenant Receipt For Rent
Icon17.14 Email Tenant Invoice and add attachment
Icon17.15 Receipt Funds to Pay Existing Account
Icon17.16 Receipt Funds for Future Accounts
Icon17.17 Receipt Funds to Pay Accounts through Instant Account
Icon17.18 Receipt Funds for Bond
Icon17.19 Tenant Receipt Direct to a Trust Account Ledger
Icon17.20 Enter a Tenant Account
Icon17.21 Edit or Cancel a Tenant Account
Icon17.22 Allocate Credits Button
Icon17.23 Tenant Account Credit Held (Ledger 32001)
Icon17.24 Create Tenant Refund of Credits Held Ledger
Icon17.25 Tenant Accounts Screen
Icon17.26 Refunding Tenant Account Credit Held in 32001
Icon17.27 Transfer an Account Credit to Rent
Icon17.28 Journaling Previously Unidentified/Temporarily Held Funds
Icon17.29 Rent Refund
Icon17.30 Tenant Receipt Message
Icon17.31 Tenant Outstanding Accounts
Icon17.32 Tenant Statements
Icon17.33 Tenants O/S Accounts & Rent Credit
Icon17.34 Water Consumption
Icon17.35 Water Consumption Invoices
Icon17.36 Electricity Consumption
Icon17.37 Gas Consumption
Icon17.38 Stamp Duty
Icon17.39 Tenant Reports
Icon17.40 Tenant Master Report
Icon17.41 Tenant Payments Method
Icon17.42 DEFT File Report
Icon17.43 Valuer Generals' Report
Icon17.44 Standing Items
Icon17.45 Generate Standing Items
Icon17.46 Remittance Slip -  How to Edit
Icon18 Trust Accounts
Icon18.1 The Trust Account Ledger System
Icon18.2 Trust Account Ledger Numbers
Icon18.3 Trust Account Receipt
Icon18.4 Trust Account Payment
Icon18.5 Trust Account Journals
Icon18.6 Daily Transaction List
Icon18.7 Trust Trial Balance
Icon18.8 Trust Account Ledgers Report
Icon18.9 New Trust Account
Icon18.10 Unidentified Funds
Icon19 Property Sales
Icon19.1 Property Sales
Icon19.2 Sales Deposits
Icon19.3 Property Sale Deposit
Icon19.4 Property Sales Reports
Icon19.5 Interest Bearing Sales Deposits
Icon20 Bonds
Icon20.1 Tenant Bonds
Icon20.2 14 Day Lodgement
Icon20.3 Receipt Funds for Bond
Icon20.4 Bond Top Ups
Icon20.5 Tenant Bond Account
Icon20.6 Bond to Administrator
Icon20.7 Bonds Returned from Administrator
Icon20.8 Distribute Bond Funds
Icon20.9 Bond Refund
Icon20.10 Bond Listing
Icon20.11 Bond List from Administrator
Icon20.12 Bond Statement
Icon21 Banking
Icon21.1 Trust Bank Account
Icon21.2 Bank Statement Reconciliation
Icon21.3 BPay facility for Creditors
Icon21.4 Correction Journal
Icon21.5 Biller Code
Icon21.6 BPay/ABA Processing
Icon21.7 APCA
Icon21.8 Dishonoured Cheques
Icon21.9 Daily Banking
Icon21.10 Reverse Receipt
Icon21.11 Cheque Toolbox
Icon21.12 Print/Email Receipt
Icon21.13 Direct Payment File
Icon21.14 Cheque List
Icon21.15 Cash Book
Icon21.16 New Bank
Icon21.17 Statement File Processing
Icon22 Commercial Program
Icon22.1 Overview of The Commercial System
Icon22.2 Commercial Properties
Icon22.3 New Property in Commercial
Icon22.4 Master Property in Commercial
Icon22.5 New Tenant in Commercial
Icon22.6 Creditor Accounts from V/O's
Icon22.7 Commercial Journal
Icon22.8 End of Month
Icon22.9 Journal Funds Lessor to V/O
Icon22.10 Journal Funds V/O to Lessor
Icon22.11 Journal Funds V/O to V/O
Icon22.12 Pay Creditors Accounts
Icon22.13 Tenancy Schedule - Commercial
Icon22.14 Standing Items
Icon22.15 Generate Standing Items
Icon22.16 Income and Expense Summary
Icon22.17 Dissection Calculator
Icon22.18 V/O Budget
Icon22.19 V/O Tenant Income Report
Icon23 Transactions
Icon23.1 Transactions Tab
Icon23.2 Current Transactions
Icon23.3 History Transactions
Icon23.4 Receipts
Icon23.5 Print Receipt
Icon23.6 Payments
Icon23.7 Cheques
Icon23.8 Cheque Toolbox - Print Cheque
Icon23.9 Centrelink Fees & Rent Payments
Icon24 Letters
Icon24.1 Alerts
Icon24.2 Alerts Displays Wk Order
Icon24.3 Bulk SMS
Icon24.4 CSV files
Icon24.5 Documents
Icon24.6 Form19
Icon24.7 Email Option Breaches & Terminations
Icon24.8 Inspection Negotiation
Icon24.9 Importing a Letter
Icon24.10 Inspection Letters
Icon24.11 Letters
Icon24.12 Merge Fields
Icon24.13 Merged Letters
Icon24.14 Reminders / Inspection Letters
Icon24.15 New Logo Input
Icon24.16 Report/Letter Dialog Box
Icon24.17 SMS Rent Due Reminder
Icon24.18 Terminate
Icon24.19 Variable Fields
Icon24.20 Viewing Reports and Letters
Icon25 Check Lists
Icon25.1 Check Lists
Icon25.2 Check List Report
Icon25.3 Adding Check Lists
Icon25.4 Property Check Lists
Icon26 Creditors
Icon26.1 Alerts for Creditors
Icon26.2 The Creditor System
Icon26.3 Alerts SMS for Creditors
Icon26.4 Bar Code Scanning
Icon26.5 Bar code scanning updates Creditors
Icon26.6 BPay facility for Creditors
Icon26.7 Creditor Accounts from Owner Funds
Icon26.8 Creditor Bank Details Changed
Icon26.9 Maintain Creditors
Icon26.10 Creditor Type added
Icon26.11 Work Orders
Icon26.12 Wk Order added Maintain Creditors
Icon26.13 Wk Order Status
Icon26.14 Maintain Creditors Additional features
Icon26.15 Merge field added for Creditors Insurance
Icon26.16 Work Order Report
Icon26.17 BOMA Codes
Icon26.18 Property Disbursement
Icon26.19 Email Property Disbursement
Icon26.20 Pay Creditors Accounts
Icon26.21 Creditors Master Report
Icon26.22 Creditor History Reports
Icon26.23 Water Consumption Invoices
Icon27 GST
Icon27.1 GST - Introduction
Icon27.2 GST on Fees and Charges
Icon27.3 GST Applied to Residential Properties
Icon27.4 GST Applied to Commercial Properties
Icon27.5 GST Applied to Strata Properties
Icon27.6 Owner Tax Invoice
Icon27.7 GST Exclusions
Icon27.8 GST on Electricity Consumption
Icon27.9 GST Income Calculations
Icon28 Holiday
Icon28.1 Holiday Overview
Icon28.2 Holiday Activation
Icon28.3 Setting up Owners and Properties in GeeDee
Icon28.4 Booking Sheet Desktop
Icon28.5 Booking Status
Icon28.6 Holiday Rental Funds
Icon28.7 Disbursement Codes
Icon28.8 Holiday System Setup
Icon28.8.1 Seasons
Icon28.8.2 Credit Card
Icon28.8.3 Colours
Icon28.9 Property Details
Icon28.10 Create or change a booking
Icon28.10.1 Booking tab
Icon28.10.2 Sundry Charges Tab
Icon28.10.3 Property Details tab
Icon28.10.4 Transactions tab
Icon28.11 Holiday Receipts
Icon28.11.1 Credit Card Orders
Icon28.11.2 Reverse Receipts
Icon28.12 Holiday Reports
Icon28.13 Refunds
Icon29 Period End Processing
Icon29.1 Period End Processing - Introduction
Icon29.2 Procedures Prior to EOP
Icon29.3 Beginning End of Period
Icon29.4 End of Period Backup
Icon29.5 Owner Trial Balance EOP
Icon29.6 Print Final Statements
Icon29.7 Print Period End Owner Cheques
Icon29.8 Process Management Fees
Icon29.9 Payment to Business
Icon29.10 EOP Direct Payment File
Icon29.11 End of Period Reports
Icon29.12 Rollover
Icon29.13 Aborting End of Period
Icon30 Vendor Paid Advertising
Icon30.1 Vendor Paid Advertising - Introduction
Icon30.2 Vendor Advertising Deposit
Icon30.3 Vendor Paid Expenses
Icon30.4 Pay Vendor Expenses
Icon30.5 Vendor Statements
Icon30.6 Vendor Account Balances
Icon31 Strata Properties
Icon31.1 Strata Properties
Icon31.2 GST Applied to Strata Properties
Icon31.3 Strata Roll Report
Icon31.4 Standing Items
Icon31.5 Generate Standing Items
Icon31.6 Tenant Statements
Icon31.7 How to change Strata Schedule
Icon32 Audit Reports & End of Year Procedures
Icon32.1 June End of Financial Year Procedures
Icon32.2 Audit Reports
Icon32.3 End of Year Procedure
Icon33 System Setup
Icon33.1 System Setup Icon
Icon33.2 Details
Icon33.3 Bank
Icon33.4 Areas
Icon33.5 Misc
Icon33.6 Letterhead
Icon33.7 Cheques
Icon33.8 Codes / Disbursement and BOMA
Icon33.9 Email/SMS
Icon33.10 Screen Hints
Icon33.11 Water
Icon33.12 Tariffs
Icon33.13 Zero
Icon34 Training
Icon34.1 Manual
Icon34.2 GeeDee Training Options
Icon35 Integrity Check
Icon35.1 Common issues
Icon35.1.1 Key Violation
Icon35.1.2 Insufficient Table Rights
Icon35.1.3 Index is out of date
Icon35.1.4 File or directory does not exist
Icon35.1.5 Zoom login does not work
Icon35.1.6 First Period
Icon35.1.7 Month not not known
Icon35.1.8 Zip show error
Icon35.2 Integrity Errors
Icon35.3 Tenant Paid-to-date - Integrity Error
Icon35.4 Paid-to-date - Integrity Error
Icon35.5 Orphan Tenant/s - Integrity Error
Icon35.6 DEFT Invalid - Integrity Error
Icon35.7 Tenant Rent Increase Removed - Integrity Error
Icon35.8 Fixed Rent Amount - Integrity Error
Icon35.9 Rent Increase Removed - Integrity Error
Icon35.10 Paid To Date Calculations
Icon35.11 Rent Calculator
Icon35.12 Rent Commission Less Than - Integrity Error
Icon36 What's New...
Icon36.1 2019 May Newsletter
Icon36.2 2019 April Newsletter
Icon36.3 2018 December Newsletter
Icon36.4 2018 October Newsletter
Icon36.5 2018 July Newsletter
Icon36.6 2018 April Newsletter
Icon36.7 2018 February Newsletter
Icon36.8 2018 January Newsletter
Icon36.9 2017 December Newsletter
Icon36.10 2017 October Newsletter
Icon36.11 2017 November Newsletter
Icon36.12 2017 September Newsletter
Icon36.13 2017 August Newsletter
Icon36.14 2017 July Newsletter
Icon36.15 2017 May Newsletter
Icon36.16 2017 february Newsletter
Icon36.17 2016 December Newsletter
Icon36.18 2016 July Newsletter
Icon36.19 2016 April Newsletter
Icon36.20 2016 February Newsletter
Icon36.21 2015 Dec Newsletter
Icon36.22 2015 June/July Newsletter
Icon36.23 2015 1st Quarter Newsletter
Icon36.24 Christmas Newsletter 2014
Icon36.25 Past Newsletters
Icon36.25.1 September 2014 Newsletter
Icon36.25.2 June 2014 Newsletter
Icon36.25.3 Feb 2014 Newsletter
Icon36.25.4 November-Dec 2013 newsletter
Icon36.25.5 October Newsletter 2013 (CCP)
Icon36.25.6 July Newsletter 2013
Icon36.25.7 May Newsletter 2013
Icon36.25.8 March Newsletter 2013
Icon36.25.9 January/February 2013
Icon36.25.10 December 2012
Icon36.25.11 November 2012
Icon36.25.12 October 2012
Icon36.25.13 June July 2012
Icon36.25.14 Information Update - May 2012
Icon36.25.15 1Form & ISP Emailing
Icon36.25.16 November/December 2011
Icon36.25.17 iPhone & iPad Inspection System
Icon36.25.18 September October 2011
Icon36.25.19 Happy Easter 2011
Icon36.25.20 BigPond Email Servers
Icon36.25.21 December 2010
Icon36.25.22 November 2010
Icon36.25.23 October 2010
Icon36.25.24 September 2010
Icon36.25.25 SMS Setup Examples
Icon37 Help
Icon37.1 About
Icon37.2 Online WebHelp
Icon37.3 Calculator
Icon37.4 Printers Setup
Icon37.5 Change Password
Icon37.6 My Desktop Export
Icon37.7 ADL Forms Export
Icon38 Technical Info: GeeDee
Icon38.1 Software Support Desk
Icon38.2 GeeDee Evaluation  - Demo System
Icon38.3 Setup Procedure - New Trust
Icon38.5 GeeDee Privacy Policy
Icon38.6 Support Email
Icon38.7 Backup - End of Day
Icon38.8 Backup - GeeDee Drop
Icon38.9 Changing Backup Location
Icon38.10 Drive space
Icon38.11 Restore from Backup
Icon38.12 PDF's with Iphones
Icon38.13 Training for GeeDee
Icon39 Technical Info: Installs + General
Icon39.1 Install Notes - Please Read First
Icon39.1.1 Technical Information | Contacts
Icon39.1.2 Server Install Guide
Icon39.1.3 User Account Control - UAC
Icon39.1.4 Shrink a Volume (HDD)
Icon39.1.4.1 Basic to Dynamic Disc Info
Icon39.1.4.2 Write Cache - Tech Info Only
Icon39.1.5 Migrating GeeDee Data
Icon39.1.6 Workstation Install Guide
Icon39.1.7 Windows 10
Icon39.1.8 Mapping G Drive
Icon39.1.9 FastFinish Guide
Icon39.1.10 Antivirus Exclusions
Icon39.1.10.1 Trend Antivirus Info
Icon39.1.11 BDE (Borland Database Engine)
Icon39.1.12 File Servers: Best Practices
Icon39.1.13 MACs - Run Windows on a Mac
Icon39.1.14 Tech Info - Direct Links
Icon39.1.15 Passwords in GeeDee
Icon39.2 Smart_Host_ISP_Issues
Icon39.3 SPF Sender Policy Framework
Icon39.4 Build Your SPF Record
Icon39.5 MS Defender - Duplicate AVs
Icon39.6 User Profile Email Folders
Icon39.7 BigPond Issue - MS Exchange
Icon39.8 Signatures Problem Outlook
Icon39.9 Gmail in Microsoft Outlook
Icon39.10 CSV Exports Single Column
Icon39.11 Printer Notes
Icon39.12 Symantec pcAnywhere
Icon39.13 Previewing Adobe PDFs
Icon39.14 Windows 7 - Mapped Issues
Icon39.15 Windows 7 - Slow Network File Copy Issues
Icon39.16 Open File - Security Warning
Icon39.17 Viewing CHM Files Across Networks
Icon39.18 Homegroups the Differences
Icon39.19 Unknown Internal Operating System Error - Group Policy Mapped Drives
Icon39.20 Troubleshooting Page