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Holiday Activation

Holiday Activation

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Holiday Activation

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Once Holiday has been activated the following changes will occur in GeeDee-


A check box is available on the Property Details screen.


Property Checkbox



Once this is checked a Holiday tab will be visible on the Lessor card.


Holiday tab



There is a new section on the Lessors Statement that will appear if there are any Holiday bookings due for payment. The management fees are shown for each booking and are not included in the fee at the bottom of the page.





Tenant Receipts for holiday bookings will print with the word “Accommodation xx/xx/xx – zz/zz/zz” instead of “Rent”.


Holiday receipt Accomodation



The Lessor Trial Balance prints with columns for Holiday payments due, and Holiday payments held.


The Trust account trial balance (detailed) for Lessors Balances has an additional column for holiday payments held. This enables the total to be reconciled with the total of the Lessors Funds Account (3) in the trust account.



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