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How it works

How it works

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How it works

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The Best Remote Option - Better than the Citrix / TSE & RDS alternatives

All-in-one solution for Remote Access and Web Portal

The offering is a local or hosted File Server/PC service with the addition of our GeeDee Remote and Web Solution software. (No need to purchase a new server, we can use your existing machine.)
The Optimised Windows Desktop Anywhere option will Cloud-Enable Desktops & Servers with Desktop Support for Windows & MAC (Mobile Support for Android, iPad & iPhone).
Remote enabled, locally hosted Remote Cloud System. Enabling the ability to Connect to Your Data, Your Way. Our TSplus Web Solution provides an enhanced user experience with 100% Security (encrypted end-to-end communications).

The solution offers a remote web based Clientless RemoteApp option as well as a separate executable (EXE) software solution for operation inside of your offices own Network. Both provide optimised and seamless access.
For the web based Clientless RemoteApp, all you need to access your desktops is a web browser. This is a pure-web solution not requiring Flash, Java, ActiveX, Silverlight or any other setup or install of Apps.






Click me to expand / collapse information.Android RDP or HTML5   +   iPhone / iPad RDP or HTML5


Android RDP or HTML5
TSplus offers a unique solution to connect from Android phones and Android tablets.
Using TSplus, Android devices can be used to remotely access a workstation or a server from any Wi-Fi or Internet spot.
TSplus HTML5 Web Access Client is providing browser access to applications and desktops, running on any TSplus system. TSplus also offers any Android phones and Android tablets RDP client support.
iPhone / iPad RDP or HTML5
TSplus offers a unique solution to connect from iPhone and iPad devices.
Using TSplus, iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices can be used to remotely access a workstation or a server from any Wi-Fi or Internet spot.
Without having to download any application from Apple Store, TSplus HTML5 Web Access Client is providing Safari an instant access to applications and desktops running on any TSplus system. TSplus is also compatible with any iPhone/IPAD RDP client.

TSplus Android phones and Android tablets client support has a lot of benefits:


  Zero Client Software! No "app" to download and install on the end-user device
  Access your desktop from anywhere! Use any Android phone or an Android tablet to connect to a remote computer!
  Extends the reach of TSplus Gateway Portal to Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other HTML5-enabled browsers
  Integrates HTML5 Web Access Client with leading enterprise and home grown portals
  Supports the Universal Printer to enable local printing from anywhere
  Integrated with SSL TSplus Secured server (no client required)
  Enables mission-critical business continuity, allowing employees to access to their applications and desktops from any available Android device, anywhere, without having to install any software or plugins



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Problem and Solution!

TSplus technology can improve the performance of your Accounting database application by up to 10 times.

The problem:

Database applications requiring direct access to the actual data file will slow down significantly as the number of users and the size of the file increases. This is due to the nature of the flat-file database systems. Unfortunately this slowdown is not linear, but seams like an accelerating nature, especially once the datafile grows.

TSplus Web-enabled solutions, the GeeDee Desktop application runs on a central web server and is published over the corporate network or the Internet to remote devices such as terminals, PCs, workstations, notebooks, wireless devices, and systems configured with minimal memory.

The Benefits of Web-Based Application Publishing is a reliable, fast and efficient way to publish applications while reducing the complexity and cost. The GeeDee application itself executes completely on the server, guaranteeing high application performance for all users, including those accessing over low-bandwidth connections.

TSplus Locally Hosted Remote and Web-enabling solution will greatly assist in organizations wanting to simplify their IT requirements.



Click me to expand / collapse information.Example General Usage Information - How it works

See below example information supplied to new current clients…
Clientless Access:
Remote Portal Link Access (Clientless)  =  (For use when outside of office.)
Internal Office Portal Access =
Seamless Client Access:
The two Client EXE connections are located in your G:\ drive for easy access.
Please copy “GeeDee Remote.exe” to a USB and or email home for use from outside your office.

The one labeled “GeeDee Remote.exe” is for you and your staff to take home and drive off your home PCs.
The one labeled “GeeDee Local.exe” is there for you and your staff to drive from within your internal Work Network.
This means, that when inside your network (office), you can now run GeeDee via your traditional Desktop icons, the new “GeeDee Local.exe” or the weblink   to drive GeeDee Desktop.
Example Users will vary from office to office. We can discuss more when we test and demonstrate.

Logins will be created for each User and will have your nominated businesses password on each.

GeeDee’s Demonstration Clientless Access WebPage -
Demo Site - Main Login Screen

Session logging in and securing remote communications…

Remote session is rapidly established and is now ready to drive GeeDee Desktop and the Archiving System (GDMS) remotely as well as from inside of your internal office network.

All connections either internally or remotely all drive by the simple and fast Floating Panel for direct access to your GeeDee applications.




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