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Information Update - May 2012

Information Update - May 2012

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Information Update - May 2012

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Title - New Phone

Click me to expand / collapse information.New Phone System Upgrade Notice - Early close of business

tipbulbPlease be advised that on Friday 11th May 2012, GeeDee Support Staff  we will be unavailable from midday 12:00PM - 5:30PM (Close of business).
New telephone system will be going through an upgrade and relocation, we will be unavailable and offline for the afternoon. Many thanks to all in advance.









Click me to expand / collapse information.Reminder on Bonds - Real estate e-Bulletin Issue 9: Incorrect Increases to a Security Bond

Consumer Protection’s Real Estate eBulletin Issue 9, sent 16 March 2012, outlined a persistent problem experienced by the Bond Administrator when agents incorrectly increase the amount of a rental property’s security bond. If an agent increases a security bond before they are permitted to do so, the Bond Administrator is required to return the submitted bond increase to the agency which then have to return it to the tenant.

As you can appreciate, amending incorrect bond increases is a time-consuming process for the Bond Administrator and the agency. Such errors not only create extra work for the Bond Administrator, but also delay the processing of other bonds. The errors may also hamper an agency’s ability to service its clients efficiently and cause legal issues for those maintaining a tenancy bond trust account.

It is important to note that incorrectly increasing a bond breaches the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (the Act). Agencies which submit incorrect bond increases may be referred to Consumer Protection’s compliance area and as such, agents may risk disciplinary action under the Real Estate and Business Agents Act 1978.

Agents need to be aware that a bond can only be increased if there has been an increase in rent, and:

 the bond has not been increased in the previous 12 months; and

 the tenant has been given 60 days notice of the increase to the bond.

Amendments to the Act, which will be implemented in late 2012, will reduce the 12 month period to six months. However, until these changes apply, agents must comply with the existing legislation.


This e-Bulletin contains general information that was current at the time of publication. If you have specific enquiries arising from any

material in this publication, you should refer to the relevant legislation or seek independent professional advice. The producers of this

publication expressly disclaim any liability arising out of a reader’s reliance on information in this publication. This publication was issued by

the Consumer Protection Division of the Department of Commerce The Forrest Centre, 221 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000 Locked

Bag 14, Cloisters Square, WA 6850

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- Title - Offsite Backups

Click me to expand / collapse information.Send your Backups off-site

GeeDee Drop Backups via MEGA Cloud Sync (Australasia, Oceanic Servers)

Alternative USB and remote offsite backup sync option.  There is a local, new and free off-site remote option available - . A better alternative than our previously prompted option. It is also much easier to control and has a FREE 50GB limit!
The only difference is that this software for syncing can be installed on any PC for \GeeDee Drop\ offsite backups. I would still install it on the main PC for GeeDee Desktop.  Please download from here -
Getting Started

Signing up for a MEGA account is quite easy. All you need is an email address and a password (no credit card information required). Your master key will be created for you, and you will be prompted to select from one of their paid offerings, but you can just go ahead with the “Create a free account” option.


Once you are logged into your account, it is very easy to navigate around. You will see options to upload files or create a new folder near the top.
Please create and then verify your account. You will receive an email from Mega. Then let us know when you have completed this step, it is again just a matter of right clicking the \GeeDee\Proman\Archives\GeeDee Drop\ folder to start sync offline.

* I also have this on all of my personal laptops and PCs as well as my families PC’s.
50Gb of space is a real boon and the encryption is second to none.  Below is some recent links to a couple of different reviews.

Verdict – From first Review Link


While the fundamental features of most cloud storage options are the same, MEGA’s 50GB free offer is just unbeatable, and its superb security encryption gives it the edge over some of the more popular options.


Overall, if high security and plenty of free space are your priorities in choosing a cloud storage, MEGA Cloud will serve your needs very well.



Click me to expand / collapse information.Online backup sync services


Free Continuous Mega File Backup Options

We have been researching for a service to store electronic data (documents and photo’s) in the cloud for some time now. An easily managed replacement for Dropbox that we, GeeDee, and many of our clients and friends are now using.

MEGA is essentially an encrypted data storage and sharing service. It offers cloud-based storage space that can be accessed through any device connected to the internet. The service allows you to upload and download your data using any web browser. You can also access the service through some dedicated client applications.

The best thing about MEGA is that this cloud-based storage system is built on confidentiality and security. The service is aimed at securing your data and protecting your privacy. Of course, the promoters want to protect their interests too, and that is why they have incorporated more security into the backend.

How does MEGA work?

You can upload your files and pictures by dragging and dropping. The process is quite simple. Interestingly, you can start uploading even before you register an account with MEGA. You just need to find the folder and select the pictures you intend to upload. Before the uploading begins you will see MEGA’s ‘Limited Terms of Service’ message. If you intend to proceed simply click ‘Accept’ and the uploading will begin.


Enable Offsite Backup Folder Location - GeeDee Drop

In GeeDee System Setup, you can check the GeeDee Drop folder location and enable additional backup location and offsite option. (Exit all GeeDee users before opening GeeDee System Setup).
Note: This new folder is an exact copy of your current backups for your offsite and remote backup and syncing software.





Title - GeeDee Training

Click me to expand / collapse information. GeeDee Online Training and WebHelp

Click Me!Training Order Form







Title - Subscribe


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