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Installing Archive Client

Installing Archive Client

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Installing Archive Client

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How to install the GDMS client?

Click me to expand / collapse information.Step-by-step notes for install and connecting to the GeeDee Document Management Archiving Server

This section visually describes the simple and easy install of a GDMS Client


Step 1: Starting Archive Client Install


firefox Firefox Users select the below link start the download of  "ArcClientSetup.exe" installer.
                                           ( file:///G:/Program%20Files/GeeDee/ArcServer/ArcClientSetup.exe )



firefox Firefox Users will see the below Opening download window.


firefox Firefox Users select Save File or if you have the option select Run Now.
firefox Firefox Users can then locate the "ArcClientSetup.exe" installer in the Downloads window presented automatically by Firefox.
(Please ignore this step if you selected Run Now).
firefox Firefox Users can now proceed to Step 2 below, to continue installing client.


IE         IE         IE         IE         IE         IE

IE Microsoft IE users will see the below download window on selecting the below link "ArcClientSetup.exe" installer.

                                           ( file:///G:/Program%20Files/GeeDee/ArcServer/ArcClientSetup.exe )


IE Microsoft IE users please select Run and then proceed to Step 2 below to continue installing.



Step 2: Installing Archive Client

IE Microsoft IE users please select Run to proceed.



IE firefox Left mouse button click Next to continue with setup.


IE firefox Left mouse button click Next again to continue with setup.

AC Start Menu


IE firefox Left mouse button click and tick the box Additional Icons to create a Desktop Shortcut.
IE firefox Left mouse button click Next to continue with setup.

AC Add Tasks


IE firefox Left mouse button click Install to continue with setup.

AC Ready to Install


IE firefox With a left mouse button click, please make sure that the Launch GDArchiveClient box is checked.
IE firefox Left click Finish to launch Archive Client.

AC Launch


Step 3: Locate your Server

1 Left click your new GeeDee House Start Button.

AC Launched

2 We can now locate the \GeeDee\ folder by following the below images.
Double left click and expand your (G:) Drive, then again to \Program Files\ and finally double left click on the \GeeDee\ folder.

Locate G1 Locate G2

3 Left mouse button click OK.

AC Server IP


4 Left mouse button click the GeeDee House Start Button to Exit Archive Client.

AC Exit Archive

5 GDArchice Client IconLeft mouse button click the new "GDArchiveClient" icon on your Desktop to launch and run client.

6 Your GeeDee Archive Server has now been located and is now ready to communicate with your Archive Client!

AC New Server IP Address


7 Left mouse click the below image to view the Login information help!


Click me to expand / collapse information.GDMS Server Installs

New Information

NB: To install GDMS, GeeDee Support Staff will require a Microsoft RDP Session with Administrator Rights to your Server. This RDP access can reside on one of your office workstations that has the Symantec pcAnywhere software installed.
Ideally only one GDMS Server can be on the same network at any one time.
See Technical Requirements.





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