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Integrity Check

Integrity Check

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Integrity Check

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GeeDee will run an integrity check every day, when the first person logs on to the system.


If you have an integrity error, please be sure to fax it to our office the first time it occurs.


If there is an error it will ask to run the integrity check each and every time GeeDee is opened until the error is fixed.


Remember that to avoid false errors, you should ensure that GeeDee is not being used by other operators when running the Integrity Check.


More importantly, you cannot run End of Period processing if there is an integrity error. Any errors found during the Before EOP Integrity Check must be fixed before proceeding.


You can also manually run the integrity check by going to the file drop down.


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Under normal operation, the integrity of the data in the database should not be affected. The data in the system is contained in many separate files. When a transaction is posted, several files are updated. Power cuts, network errors and software or computer bugs can cause an interruption in this process and will produce an inconsistent set of data.



The integrity check verifies the following along with many other processes:

Total Debits is equal to total Credits in the Trust Account Ledgers.
Total Lessor balances is equal to the balance of the Lessor funds account.
Last statement balance plus outstanding debits and credits (cheques, deposits) equals the bank account balance.
The total bonds not deposited for all of the tenants equals the Bonds in Trust balance.
The total receipts in the current banking file is equal to the balance of Trust Account number 3.


If you have an integrity error, please be sure to fax it to our office the first time it occurs.


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If there is an error in any of these checks then a sheet will be printed out with GeeDee Realty Systems fax number and an outline of the error. In order to deal with any problem, we must first receive this fax. Software Support Desk


Please remember that unless directed by a GeeDee staff member IT IS GENERALLY NOT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO FIX AN INTEGRITY ERROR YOURSELF.

Common Integrity Errors that can be fixed by the operator are found HERE.


Even if you think you know what caused the error, your attempts to correct it may only compound the original error and therefore make our job harder.








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