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June July 2012

June July 2012

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June July 2012

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This newsletter contains important information about the GeeDee software program. It is important that all users of the system receive and read a copy.  Please forward this email on to all users in your office.  To subscribe to this newsletter please click here.

GeeDee News Update

- Title - Backups

Click me to expand / collapse information.Backups

Backing up GeeDee Data Files - Ask your I.T. Professional if you are covered!

Backing up your data is an important process that you need to perform on a regular basis. Familiarising yourself with the backup process will ensure your valuable data is secure and can be quickly restored if needed. Backups are also important for the purpose of retaining historical records and the ability to access information from previous financial years.

Over the last two weeks we have been auditing newly installed Servers to discover that some additional backups being automatically performed on your servers are not operating correctly.

You can never have too many backups!

Once only used by very large businesses, automatic backups are now happening in the small to medium sized business, too. In the past, two of the main roadblocks to setting up automated back-up systems were the cost and not understanding the technology needed to do the remote back-up.

Today, there are many products available that will help you, are simple to use and won’t break the bank.


The GeeDee Desktop program carries out a user automated backup via the "End of Day" Daily Transaction print process. Remember, the Daily Transaction report is a Audit requirement that your Auditor may request (Do not forget to print your Daily Transaction lists!)
The new GDMS (Document System) uses a "live" backup system and there is no need for users to exit the program while the backup is being performed. A snapshot is taken of the data from during the day.

It is strongly recommended that users regularly copy the current data files to a piece of removable media eg: USB device, CD/DVD, remote offsite backup location etc. This information can then be taken "Off-Site" for safe keeping.

tipbulbWhere are my GeeDee and GDMS data files that I am required to back up for security?

Backing up your data is an important process that you need to perform on a regular basis. Familiarising yourself with the backup process will ensure your valuable data is secure and can be quickly restored if needed. Backups are also important for the purpose of retaining historical records and the ability to access information from previous financial years.

The GeeDee Realty Systems data files are copied to the folder Backup Location of - G:\Program Files\GeeDee\Proman\Archives\.
When the feature is enabled, the GDMS data files can be scheduled to automatically copy to the folder Backup Location of - G:\Program Files\GeeDee\ArcServer\SvrBackup\ and current data files are located in G:\Program Files\GeeDee\ArcServer\DB\.

These are the folder locations that you need to be sure are being backed up by your I.T Professionals!

For added security, the following is recommended:

Consider the storage media being used to store your backups. Due to the reliability and efficiency of the various high capacity storage media now available, we no longer recommend you use floppy disks for secure backup purposes. Recordable CDs/DVDs or USB storage devices are a better option.

Make multiple copies of your backed up data and store one or more copies of it off-site. This is especially recommended for backups taken at critical times such as immediately prior to starting a new financial year.

How often do I need to backup my company file?

Ideally, your company files should be backed up after each session, with the Session Report printed before closing the file.  Should something happen to your company file, you will be able to restore the backup of the last session and then use the Session Report to enter the missing data.

On a day to day basis, a backup of your company data files should be sufficient, but it is good practice to regularly have your I.T. professional perform a full backup of all data.


Title GDMS

Click me to view!Gdmslogo_Large

Enterprise Level, Electronic Document  & Content Management System (GDMS)

Click here to view more information on the new Document Management Systems.





Click me to expand / collapse information.Reminder on Bonds - Real estate e-Bulletin Issue 9: Increases to the security bond

A common problem that leads to bond lodgements being returned to agencies is when the amount of the security bond has been increased before it is allowable to do so.

Consumer Protection would like to remind agents of their responsibilities under section 31 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (the Act).

Where the amount of rent payable under a residential tenancy has been increased under section 30 of the Act, then the amount of bond payable under the agreement may also be increased, however certain limitations apply.

An agent must notify the tenant in writing (the notice) that the bond will increase, specifying the amount of the increase and the day on which it is payable.

Under section 31(1) of the Act the bond can be increased:

• not less than 60 days after the day on which the notice is given; and

• not less than 12 months after the day on which the tenancy commenced, or, if the

amount of the security bond has been increased previously under this section, not less than 12 months after the day on which it was last so increased.

It is therefore important to note that for existing tenancies, the security bond cannot be increased unless:

• a legal increase in rent has occurred, and

• at least 60 days notice of the increased bond is given; and

• the tenancy agreement has run for more than 12 months; and

• at least 12 months has elapsed since the last bond increase (if there has been one).


Amendments to the Act will be implemented later in 2012 that reduce the 12 month period to six months, however, until these changes apply, agents must comply with the existing legislation.

Agents should also be aware of the requirements in relation to pet bonds. The Regulations made pursuant to the Act were amended on 1 June 2011 so that the maximum pet bond is now $260.

Agents with a tenancy where the pet bond is less than $260 cannot automatically increase the pet bond to $260. The pet bond can only be increased if:

• a legal increase in rent has occurred,

• at least 60 days notice of the increased pet bond is given; and

• the tenancy agreement has run for more than 12 months; and

• at least 12 months has elapsed since the last bond increase (if there has been one).

The $260 pet bond is not per pet, but the maximum amount allowed to cover the cost of fumigation, if needed, at the end of the tenancy.

If a tenant is permitted to have a pet dog or cat part way through an existing tenancy, a pet bond up to a maximum of $260 can be sought.

The Bond Administrator will return to the tenants any security bond increases that fail to meet the conditions outlined in this e-Bulletin.


- Title - Offsite Backups

Click me to expand / collapse information.Send your Backups off-site

GeeDee Drop Backups via MEGA Cloud Sync (Australasia, Oceanic Servers)

Alternative USB and remote offsite backup sync option.  There is a local, new and free off-site remote option available - . A better alternative than our previously prompted option. It is also much easier to control and has a FREE 50GB limit!
The only difference is that this software for syncing can be installed on any PC for \GeeDee Drop\ offsite backups. I would still install it on the main PC for GeeDee Desktop.  Please download from here -
Getting Started

Signing up for a MEGA account is quite easy. All you need is an email address and a password (no credit card information required). Your master key will be created for you, and you will be prompted to select from one of their paid offerings, but you can just go ahead with the “Create a free account” option.


Once you are logged into your account, it is very easy to navigate around. You will see options to upload files or create a new folder near the top.
Please create and then verify your account. You will receive an email from Mega. Then let us know when you have completed this step, it is again just a matter of right clicking the \GeeDee\Proman\Archives\GeeDee Drop\ folder to start sync offline.

* I also have this on all of my personal laptops and PCs as well as my families PC’s.
50Gb of space is a real boon and the encryption is second to none.  Below is some recent links to a couple of different reviews.

Verdict – From first Review Link


While the fundamental features of most cloud storage options are the same, MEGA’s 50GB free offer is just unbeatable, and its superb security encryption gives it the edge over some of the more popular options.


Overall, if high security and plenty of free space are your priorities in choosing a cloud storage, MEGA Cloud will serve your needs very well.



Click me to expand / collapse information.Online backup sync services


Free Continuous Mega File Backup Options

We have been researching for a service to store electronic data (documents and photo’s) in the cloud for some time now. An easily managed replacement for Dropbox that we, GeeDee, and many of our clients and friends are now using.

MEGA is essentially an encrypted data storage and sharing service. It offers cloud-based storage space that can be accessed through any device connected to the internet. The service allows you to upload and download your data using any web browser. You can also access the service through some dedicated client applications.

The best thing about MEGA is that this cloud-based storage system is built on confidentiality and security. The service is aimed at securing your data and protecting your privacy. Of course, the promoters want to protect their interests too, and that is why they have incorporated more security into the backend.

How does MEGA work?

You can upload your files and pictures by dragging and dropping. The process is quite simple. Interestingly, you can start uploading even before you register an account with MEGA. You just need to find the folder and select the pictures you intend to upload. Before the uploading begins you will see MEGA’s ‘Limited Terms of Service’ message. If you intend to proceed simply click ‘Accept’ and the uploading will begin.


Enable Offsite Backup Folder Location - GeeDee Drop

In GeeDee System Setup, you can check the GeeDee Drop folder location and enable additional backup location and offsite option. (Exit all GeeDee users before opening GeeDee System Setup).
Note: This new folder is an exact copy of your current backups for your offsite and remote backup and syncing software.








Title - Remember Web Updates

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bing™ is utilised by a large number of real estate organisations to alleviate many of the issues they experience sending their postal mail.


The bing™ service enables you to send marketing material, levies or other documents directly from any Windows application with just a few mouse clicks. You create your document and ‘print’ it to the EasyPost Mailroom print driver software. bing™ will receive your print file instantly and print, fold and insert it and lodge it with Australia Post. It is postal mail at the speed of sending email.


The bing™ service is as flexible as printing and sending letters yourself, but much faster and easier. bing™ removes the need to for you to handle any paper or envelopes. It is a same day service and can drastically reduce the time it takes for mail to reach its recipient by eliminating manual processes and printing and sending from the recipients closest capital city. If needed you could can send large multiple page documents to small numbers of recipients cost effectively or automatically collate multiple attachments with no need for a person to manually collate, feed a machine or stuff files into envelopes.


Why bing™?


Essentially the main advantages of using bing™ are:


Fast and easy mail delivery directly from your computer - You will never need to print, collate, fold and insert letters, rely on a mail house or go to a post office ever again
Remove all your current mailing costs such as - Letterhead creation, paper, printer toner, envelopes, postage, machine leases and maintenance, wages for mail workers employed and the productivity of other staff assigned to processing mail
Mail lodged to Australia Post in closest possible city to recipient - No 2-3 day lag for delivery when sending mail interstate
Track your mail in real time and know instantly when it has been lodged with Australia Post - Create a verifiable proof of send that will hold up in a court room
Same day service - In by 1pm (AEST), mailed that day
Pay as you go - No minimum volumes, just an all-inclusive cost per letter
Post on demand - You can send one letter, ten letters, or ten thousand with no stationary storage costs
No inventory required for most jobs - Never run out of envelopes or letterhead
No setup or licensing fees - We never charge for job setup, administration/consultation, campaign/letter set up, data processing, inserter setup or per 1000 rate for insertion, etc
Automated correction of your addresses
No contract - You’re not locked into anything
No 3 day lag to set up a job
No monthly account management fee
Complete control of your mail guarantees no mail errors – Mail houses take raw data which they then recreate. They can be prone to printing their customer documents on the wrong letterhead and/or inserting them into the wrong envelope. With the bing™ system this cannot happen as the entire letter is assembled and checked personally by you
Total control of when the document is sent
Your jobs won’t be bounced if big order comes through, as can happen with a mail house
Total redundancy - In the case of any of our distribution centres experiencing an unlikely outage we can simply route your job to another one of our production centres


You will find a comprehensive list of further information here: To make further enquiries or get started please contact Nathan Rhodes on 0409 439 929.




Title - New Features

Click me to expand / collapse information.Please find details of some of the changes that have been done in recent updates:

Note Updated the creditors system when appending accounts under Creditors description.

Note Added a default text information field for Creditors  |  Work Orders.

Note Added a reminder for the GDMS Trial Period. Message added to the login screen.

Note Updated GeeDee System Setup with systems having zero files. Also updated Creditors email process. Open and restart process updated.

Note Added extra logging to GDBackup for End of Period. Additional logging for Geronima/GeeDee main system.

Note Creditors. Added Area Managers Name next to Authorised By, on the Work Order Print.

Note Updated font process on following pages in Creditors  |  Work Order Report.

Note Added Accounts from Lessors Funds, when no Account Number the BPay reference is inserted into the Account Number field.

Note Updated the Transaction report when by Period, now displaying current period.

Note Offsite Backup option added. Added "GeeDee Drop" support to the backup. When enabled, GDBackup now copies the backup into a duplicate folder called "GeeDee Drop" in the Archives directory ( \Program Files\GeeDee\Proman\GeeDee Drop\ ). Full backup and partial backup now also automatically rotated every third day.

Note GDMS - New reports updated to automatic file archiving.

Note GeeDee Training - Updated automatic incrementing of dates for demonstration system.


Note: there is a required manual update to your GeeDee Letters for your Breaches and Terminations.

Please update and change the last line of the letter information from the below paragraph:
For Translating and Interpreting Services please telephone TIS on 13 14 50 and ask to speak to the DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AND EMPLOYMENT PROTECTION (1300 30 40 54) for help and assistance.


For Translating and Interpreting Services please telephone TIS on 13 14 50 and ask to speak to the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE (1300 30 40 54) for help and assistance.

Click me to expand!
To update information click the File Dropdown Menu  | Edit Letters.


- Title - USB Drives

Click me to expand / collapse information.How to Assign a Static Drive Letter to a USB Drive in Windows

Do you have an external USB hard drive or flash drive that you use frequently for backups or for use with GeeDee? Every time you plug it in you may get a different drive letter for that drive...

There is a way to assign a static drive letter to an external USB drive so you always get the same drive letter for that drive!


To begin, locate your Computer icon in Windows Explorer. Right click the Computer icon and then left click and select Manage with a left click.


The Computer Management dialog box displays. In the tree on the left, select Disk Management under Storage.


All your drives are listed in the top pane of the middle section of the dialog box, including removable media. To change the drive letter for a USB external or flash drive, right-click on the drive in the list and select Change Drive Letter and Paths from the popup menu.


The Change Drive Letter and Paths dialog box displays for the selected drive showing the current drive letter. To change the drive letter, click Change.


On the Change Drive Letter or Path dialog box, select the Assign the following drive letter option. It may be the only option available. Select the desired drive letter from the


NOTE: It is best to select a letter between M and Z (inclusive). If you pick a letter like E, F, or G, the drive letter may still change frequently because these letters may be used for other drives, like CDROM drives, that are not always connected.


The following warning displays. If you have some programs that rely on an absolute path to your USB external or flash drive, be sure to change the drive letter on the path to the drive in the program to the letter you selected.


The new drive letter displays next to the drive on the Computer Manager dialog box.


Select Exit from the File menu to close the Computer Management dialog box.

Close both the Administrative Tools window and the Control Panel window by clicking the X button in the upper, right corner of the window.

Now, absolute file paths used by programs, such as backup programs, won’t have to be changed every time you plug in your USB drive.


Title - GeeDee Training

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Click Me!Training Order Form


Title - Subscribe


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