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Letters and Statements are normally printed on letterhead paper. It can be awkward to have to change the paper in the printer or have two separate printers. For this reason, the program will automatically print out a letterhead on the top of the page if required. The company logo needs to be scanned and retrieved into the database. Other details that are needed to set up the letterhead are dealt with in the system configuration program. The letterhead can be in colour if the printer has the capability.


Some companies may still wish to use their pre-printed letterheads. It is possible to turn the letterhead off and on using the File then Print Letter Heads item on the main pull down menu. The program will start either with it set on or off. This start off setting can be changed in the System Setup program.


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In the System Setup (letterhead page), various dimensions and font sizes need to be entered, and are best done by trial and error. It can be scanned using something like Adobe Photo Deluxe. A logo graphic file in .BMP format is required; it needs to be a sharp graphic image. If the size of the file is more than 20kb, it will erode the speed of the printing of letters and reports. Large files should be re-saved at a smaller size and in monochrome. This can be done in Windows® Paint program or similar.


This image will also be printed at the head of reports. Although a colour image can be used, black and white gives a sharper image on the printer. There is a button on the setup to enable the disk file to read into the system database.


Note: Editing the Remittance slip is a separate procedure.


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