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* List View *

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All documents that have been stored in the GDMS System can be accessed from the List View tab.


Select the List View tab and the lower GD Groups tab and the GD Groups tree structure will be displayed.

Note: The GD Groups are automatically set in the system and cannot be edited.


list view step 1

Click on the plus sign (+) to the left of the Group you wish to view and the file tree will be displayed.


group managment1

Click the item category that you wish to view and all items saved into this category from GeeDee for Windows will be displayed.


list view step 3

Double clicking on a selected item will open it in the viewer below.

Note: A more specific set of data can be displayed by setting a Date or Period filter and choosing a Type.


list view step 4

An item currently being viewed can be saved to another location, printed or emailed as required.


To print the selected item click on the printer icon in the top left corner of the document display pane.


To save the selected item to another location click on the disk icon in the top left corner of the document display pane.


To email the statement click on the Email button under the List View tab.See OPTC Email Button for further information on this feature.


list view step 5

Note 1:

When emailing from the List View screen the email form will not be automatically completed with the TO details.


Note 2:

Some users may see an email icon in the document viewer, this will depend on the version of Acrobat installed on your system. Clicking the email icon in the viewer will launch your email editor and attach the currently displayed document to a new outgoing email. If this function is available on your system we do not recommend using it as emails generated in this manner will not be recorded in the GDMS system.


email step 3

User Groups are for general office documents and items that have been scanned and archived from an external source.

The user groups are created by the administrator. All items scanned from a particular user can be saved under that user group name.


list view step 6




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