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Maintain Creditors

Maintain Creditors

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Maintain Creditors

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In the Creditor drop down click Maintain.


Creditor Maintain

This item shows a grid of Creditor details. The buttons below give the options to:


Delete: Click on the Delete button to delete the currently indicated record. Creditors that still have account data in the system cannot be deleted, as this will affect the history of associated tenants etc.

Edit: Any of the details in the grid may be modified.

Insert: The Append button allows a new creditor to be added. After all the fields have been filled, the record will be inserted in correct alphabetic order in the grid.

Search: A lookup search dialog of creditors is displayed.

History: Where you print/preview history reports for all or a selected creditor for previous accounts


Maintain creditors

Each row contains the details of a single creditor. The column headings are:


Name: The creditors name.

ABN: The creditors ABN.

BSB & Account No: If the creditor is to be paid by transfer, then these numbers must be entered and be CORRECT.

Pay By Transfer: Tick box if this creditor is to be is paid by direct transfer of funds instead of a cheque. (BSB & account numbers must be set).

Address & Postcode: The postal address of the creditor.

Contact: A contact person at the company.

Fax & Phone numbers: The fax and phone numbers of the creditor.




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