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Map? It's a Snap!

Map? It's a Snap!

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Map? It's a Snap!

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Connect a drive from My Network Places

Ensure that the GeeDee network share is mapped as a “G:\” drive letter (ie. It does not start with a "\\") on ALL client machines. (Eg. \\Server\C\ is not a mapped drive.)

The path to the GeeDee data file share should be something like “GDData on … (G:\)”.

How to connect and disconnect a network drive in Windows

General Microsoft Support Information Link -


To Map a Drive from the desktop on the computer that needs a G:\ Drive mapping, double click My Computer (or Click Start, click My Network Places, click Entire Network, and then double-click Microsoft Windows Network).


1.Make sure that the GeeDee Server is turned on.
2.Double-click the domain that you want to open.
3.Double-click the computer that has the shared GeeDee resource you want to map (Eg. \\GDData\). All the shared resources for that computer automatically appear in the window.
4.Right-click the shared drive or folder (\\GDData\) that you want to map as G:\, and then click Map Network Drive.
5.Click the drive letter G:\, and then specify that you want to reconnect every time that you log on to your computer.
6.Click Finish.
7.A window opens that displays the contents of the resource you mapped.
8.Close this box using the cross and retry your icon again.
9.Make sure that all users have read/write access to the whole drive where the data is located not just the specific folder where the data is sitting.
10.Congratulations!  You have now mapped a G:\ Drive to your workstation.



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