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Merged Letters

Merged Letters

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Merged Letters

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Merged letters are letters where parts of the text of the letter are retrieved from fields of the files in the database. Eg: the name and address of a tenant. It is a very efficient method of sending letters. Instead of transcribing these details from the database, the details are automatically copied to the letter when it is generated and printed by the system.


The text of a letter is retained in the database so that it can be used as often as required. There is a separate program for creating and editing letters. Each letter must have a unique name and a description of its purpose so that it can be identified for future use.



There are a number of standard letters that are provided with the system at installation, these are:



A reminder letter for overdue rent from a tenant.


A breach notice as specified by the Act.


A reminder to a tenant that the lease is due to expire and requesting that the new lease be signed.


A letter informing a tenant that a property will be inspected on a certain date.


A letter to an Lessor informing that the Authority to Manage has expired.


A letter to a tenant informing him of a rent review.



There are three types of letters:


Lessor Letters. Automatically printed with the current date and the Lessor's Name and address at the top of the page.

Tenant Letters. Automatically printed with the current date and the tenant's Name and Address at the top of the page.

General Letters. Do not have any name, address, or date at the top of the page. E.g. Leases, Breach notices.


Whenever an Lessor or Tenant letter is generated, a reference number is also printed on the date line. This number is generated from the letter name; a system generated automatically incrementing number, and the tenant or Lessor's unique ID number. Eg: DUEAUTH/123/T321. This reference, the date on which it was sent, and the description of the letter will be recorded on the notebook of the Lessor/Tenant.


Tenants' and Lessors' names and addresses are printed so that they can fit into window envelopes. To cater for varying window positions, the left offset may be changed in the System Setup program.


The company logo and letterhead can be automatically printed at the top of the page. This means that pre-printed letterhead paper is unnecessary, and printing costs are saved. The option to print the company letterhead may be turned on and off by selecting the option on the File menu on the GeeDee Desktop.


Letters can contain Merge Fields and Variable Fields. They are edited using the Edit Letter program item.


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