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More Features & Benefits

More Features & Benefits

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More Features & Benefits

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Click me to expand / collapse information.Web-Enabled GeeDee Desktop Systems

TSPlus Web Access can now web-enable your GeeDee Desktop System


TSplus Web Access is a technology you “Must Have”. Java-based, it enables you to start remote sessions or RemoteApp with any browser (IE, Netscape, Chrome, Firefox, Safari…). Enjoy the easiest remote access from any place where you have an Internet connection and a standard browser. Simple to use, TSplus Web Access is a great option.

Many features like web print, inside/outside browser, seamless application from the web are included. TSplus Web Access technology web-enables the GeeDee Desktop application.

Features & Benefits

Using TSplus, we can now publish the GeeDee Systems via a Web page. TSplus provides the following benefits:

   Users do not have to manually download and install the client. All users run the same version of the identical application.
   Users or administrators can roam to a different desktop and quickly access an application or desktop by simply knowing a URL.
   If any application is ever updated, users will automatically pick up the new version when they navigate to the Web page.
   Support both HTTP and HTTPS – Support a Java based Universal Printing functionality

TSplus Web Access provides significant benefits to the following groups:

   Users who need to access TSplus server hosted applications from ‘unmanaged’ devices.

   TSplus Web Access is the best solution to be used where employees must be continuously provided at different locations access to applications, regardless of whether a dedicated PC / Laptop is present or not (Internet Cafe or similar situations).



Improved Management and Control:

     All users run the same version of the identical application

     Mission-critical information remains secure on a central server behind the corporate firewall

     Application upgrades occur simultaneously from a central location

     Potential software bugs and viruses can be quarantined on affected servers    

User Benefits:

   Instant access to applications from any platform

   Retrieve mission-critical information from anywhere

   Zero or near-zero client footprint
Web-enabled solutions, the application runs on a central web server and is published over the corporate network or the Internet to remote devices such as terminals, PCs, workstations, notebooks, wireless devices, and systems configured with minimal memory.

The Benefits of Web-Based Application Publishing is a reliable, fast and efficient way to publish applications while reducing the complexity and cost of enterprise computing. The application itself executes completely on the server, guaranteeing high application performance for all users, including those accessing over low-bandwidth connections.

(Review) Giga Information Group concludes that: “Although Web-based computing has captured the mindset of developers and the market, the tremendous installed base of Windows client applications cannot be converted all that quickly…”

Web-enabling will simplify IT environments! (DemoCloud).exe



Click me to expand / collapse information.More Features & Benefits


      Lowest-cost Citrix/RDS product available on all operating systems from XP to W10 (32 and 64 bits)
       No requirement for Terminal Service CALs. No need for Terminal Service (Remote Desktop Services) license manager
       Low cost, high value, and excellent performance in an easy-to-use solution
       Support of 32 bit colors, dual-screen, bi-directional sound, USB devices and much more
       Enhanced AdminTool simplifies the server management process
       Advanced Application Control by user and/or by group
       Fast file transfer between the user PC and the TSplus server
       Extended remote printing capabilities made possible by our TSplus Universal Printer
       Load balancing and failover allow up to ten servers within one farm
       Secured server communication (Hide server drives, RDP firewall, encryption...)
       Seamless Application Publishing and Remote APP (such as Citrix or MS RDS)
       Internet Web Access using IE, Opera, Netscape, Filezilla...
       Secured Web Access with port forwarding over HTTP and HTTPS
       Gateway Portal to connect to multiple servers
       HTML5 client enabling connection from IPAD and Android tablets


Click me to expand / collapse information.Competitive Aanalysis

Easy, plug-and-play solution to Web-enable or publish your applications, then the logical choice is TSplus.

Freeing you from the complexities of Citrix and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), TSplus provides a fast, simple and affordable solution.

TSplus technology can improve the performance of your Accounting and Retail Manager, QuickBooks and many other applications by up to 10 times faster.

Features & Benefits



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