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New Trust Account

New Trust Account

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New Trust Account

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New Trust Accounts records can be added to the Trust Account Ledger system for various purposes.


Each Trust Account has a unique ID. This program must allocate this number. Account ID numbers, which have been archived or deleted, are not reused.


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Use the Dropdown combo box to indicate the account type for the record. It may be Credit, Sales, or Fees.
Tab down and the next available ID number will be selected.
Enter the account name.
Enter any useful comments that may add useful information connected about the account.
Click the Post button.


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For Sales accounts, the account name should be entered as "Address + Purchaser/Vendor". E.g. "4 SPEY RD - HAWKINS/JONES". Important dates e.g. deposit due, white ant certificate etc. can be set up as recommended. Relevant information on vendor, purchaser, settlement agents etc. can be entered as notes.






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