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October 2010

October 2010

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October 2010

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This newsletter contains important information about the GeeDee software program. It is important that all users of the system receive and read a copy.  Please forward this email on to all users in your office.  To subscribe to this newsletter please click here.

GeeDee News Update

Click me to expand / collapse information. Required update for GeeDee Period End Processing

tipbulb Important update required for printing of reports for your Period End

NOTE - This WebUpdate is recommended for all GeeDee Realty System clients.
Due to alterations to the Document & Content Management System it is necessary for ALL GeeDee users to perform a WebUpdate prior to running your Period End.


*PLEASE IGNORE any WebUpdate Slip File Messages. There is no Slip file for the Archive System to download. The Document & Content Management System is being provided for free of charge at the moment.
Title - Remember Web Updates



Title - New Features

Click me to expand / collapse information.Additional and new GeeDee functions available

note GeeDee Realty Systems Build 169

Added additional SMS fields for use with the SMS 160 service (
Direct Payment File. A select All Email option has been added.
The ability to Print and Save Alert Reports has been added.
Landlord Accounts Display. The sort order has been changed so that information can now be sorted by clicking on the column name.
Landlord Bank Accounts. The fields for Accounts1 and Accounts2 have now been extended to 10 characters wide.
Landlord Bank Accounts. Added additional automatic logging of notes if bank accounts are modified.
Corrected and updated Vendor and Sales Receipts. Both now display Name/Payee.
Inspection Reports. The KeyID has now been added to report.
Bond Administration Cheque. The limit of 10 per cheque has now been removed.
Updated Tenant Details edit function. If the Edit Button is clicked but nothing has changed, the automatic log of change is no longer recorded.
Inactive Tenant Report. This report will now automatically prompt you to print after each print of the Overdue Rent Report.



Click me to expand / collapse information.Backing Up in the GeeDee System

note Are you backups in GeeDee Software becoming slow or getting very large?

Have you noticed a significant difference in the speed at which your backups occur?  Perhaps you have noticed that your backups have grown in size.
This will be because the graphic of your logo needs to be reduced.
If this is so, please contact the GeeDee Software Support Team and we can direct you to the System Setup area. As per screenshot below, we can direct you to select Extract Logo, which will reduce the size without changing the dimensions of your logo.





Title - EmailSMS

Click me to expand / collapse information.SMS via eMail Gateways

note SMS benefits via a eMail Gateway

Email SMS Gateways allows you to send SMS messages with the GeeDee Software as well as almost any other email program (E.G. Outlook). There’s no additional software required.
It’s an easy service to setup and even easier to change when you locate a provider with a more inexpensive price.
With the majority of SMS service providers you will also receive a free confirmation email back of the SMS including it's contents.
GeeDee also logs and records the SMS message and it details.



Title - Toggles

"How to" for Toggles: Expanding and collapsing information


The toggle feature enables you to expand text and images in the help with just a few simple clicks. Toggles are powerful and easy to use. Toggles make it possible to scan the content of a topic quickly and then click to display only the relevant information.






Title - GeeDee Training



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Title - Subscribe


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Title - Remember Web Updates



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