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October Newsletter 2013 (CCP)

October Newsletter 2013 (CCP)

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October Newsletter 2013 (CCP)

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tipbulbThis newsletter contains important information about the GeeDee software program. It is important that all users of the system receive and read a copy.  Please forward this email on to all users in your office.  To subscribe to this newsletter please click here.

GeeDee News Update


Title - New Features

Click me to expand / collapse information.GeeDee Realty Systems - Build 237

Please be advised that the current Build for GeeDee is Build 237.

The new documents and Form 1 PCR are part of this download. You are required to follow the below steps to access.


Please ensure that you are up to date with the most recent versions and regularly run your GeeDee WebUpdates.


NEW CHANGES within GeeDee Realty Systems


Note Lessor has now changed to Lessor in all relevant areas



Note Lessor Details Screen - "Admin Fees" has now been changed to "Admin P/P Fees"

admin fees


Note Tenant Notes - now records any edits to Next Inspection Date

tenant note


Note  Change of Lessorship box has been updated to only show one amount to transfer.

change of ownership new rules


Note Alerts has been updated to show the items selected and total emails selected

items selected 


Note  Edit Letters has been updated to include new functions such as Spell Check, Formatting, Importing etc

Edit Letter


    Due to the changes in edit letter some clients may find they need to make a simple change in System Setup if their logo looks a bit distorted. If required go to System Setup/ Letterhead and tick the Keep Logo Aspect box.

System setup logo


Note  New Documents. To add the new documents into GeeDee you will need to either delete or rename the existing documents through edit letters located in the File Drop Down Menu.

      You can then select import letter at the bottom of the Edit Letter screen and go to the location which is G/Program Files/GeeDee/Proman where the new documents have been saved.

    spell check import letter dss


The Names must be entered as below however you can enter your own description if you wish.

duebreachduebreach2termin 1A termin 1Btermin 1C


Note To add the new Form 1 PCR into GeeDee you will need to rename the existing PCR.rtf to PCROld.rtf  and rename PCRNew.rtf  to PCR.rtf

      Go to the location which is G/Program Files/GeeDee/Proman where the PCR is stored.


Note To create a new PCR go to Property Drop Down/ Inspection Report and select new PCR.

new PCR


  If you need to add additional lines, click the edit button at the bottom left hand corner, right click where you would like to add extra line and insert . Then click the save button on bottom left hand corner.

pcr merge


Note Inspection Negotiation. You can create your own letter which can be either emailed or posted to tenants and will be recorded in Alerts when making the initial arrangements for an Inspection. Under Edit Letter, create a Tenant Type Letter which must be named DUEDISCUSS and enter a description. Then go to Alerts, Inspections and select Print/ Email Letter where you will have the option to select either DUEDISCUSS or DUEINSPECT. Once this is processed it will record the date under either Negotiated or Advised and will be recorded in Tenant Notes along with the letter being saved.

negotiated letter


- Title - GDMS

Click me to expand / collapse information.GeeDee Document Management Systems




Note GDMS Communication Error

  For all GDMS users you Must always have the GDMS Server running. If it has been closed down you will see this message. Please restart the GDMS server and this message will disappear.

Click here to enlarge

Note Sending information from Outlook to the GDMS system

    Go to G Drive / Program Files / GeeDee / Proman and double click the GDMS OUTLOOK EXE. Outlook MUST be closed before you run this application.(Note This is not compatible with Outlook 2013)

Outlook GDMS

This will then add Send to Q icon into outlook.

Send to Q

Highlight the item you wish to send to the GDMS system . Once sent they will be waiting in the default queue in GDMS ready for you to input where it is required.


Note  Where do the documents go

     To find where the documents go please following either link




- Geedee Launcher - new and easy to use

Click me to expand / collapse information. GeeDee Launcher

Note   The GeeDee Launcher allows all icons to be displayed in the one folder.


Note   You can select the data you require eg Trust2 or V2Demo

Note   You can access System Setup

Note   You can access Backup Index

Note   You can do a Web Update

Note   You can access your Period End Processing

Note   You can access the GeeDee Document Management System

Note   You can change your Backup Drive letter

Note   You can select the pcAnywhere support number

Note   You can Kill pcAnywhere host

Note   To create a shortcut to your desktop go to G:\Program Files\GeeDee\Proman\ GDLAUNCH.exe right click      then send to desktop

Click here to enlarge





- Title - Inspection manager - iPad Android


Click me to expand / collapse information. Ipad

Note Red Nightingale

Click below link to view videos...

Note Property Inspection Manager




  note Inspection Manager Export Released



 For exports for third party systems, please contact GeeDee Support Staff to activate the code and export.




Title - Symantec pcAnywhere - Remote Support

Click me to expand / collapse information.Symantec pcAnywhere

Symantec pcAnywhere

Note   All clients MUST have Symantec pcAnywhere installed on their computers. This is part of the agreement when choosing GeeDee as your preferred Trust Accounting System.

Note   If you have had new computers or a new server please ensure you reinstall pcAnywhere or ask your IT person to reinstall as it is a requirement of our company.

Note   If you have a very old version of Symantec pcAnywhere, it may not be compatible with Windows 7/8, as such you would need to upgrade to Version 12.5.

      Your IT company may be able to download this for you, otherwise it can be purchased from us GeeDee at $175inc. Download Order Form



Title - GeeDee Training

Click me to expand / collapse information.GeeDee Online Training and WebHelp

Click Me!Training Order Form




Title - Subscribe


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