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The GeeDee Realty System is a Real Estate Property Management & Trust Accounting System designed by Real Estate Agents to deal with all aspects relating to the management of rental properties and all facets of Trust Accounting.


GeeDee Realty System is an easy to use and learn real estate trust accounting system that will maintain your various property managements and trust accounts.


It is essential to understand the structure of the Lessor | Property | Tenant relationships.


There is a database of Lessors in the system. Each Lessor in the file is a record.


Similarly, there is a database of properties. The Lessor's unique ID number connects each property to the Lessor. An Lessor can be connected to any number of properties.


There is a database of tenants . Each tenant is connected to a property by its unique Property ID.

Normally, a property will only have one tenant. When vacating and re-letting, a property can have more than one tenant for a period. The current tenant for the property is always the one with the latest lease date.


Additionally, there is a database of Trust Account Ledgers.


Any receipt payment, journal, banking etc in the system produces a Transaction. As this is a double entry accounting system, transactions are always connected to two Trust Account Ledgers. One account will be credited and one will be debited. These transactions can also be connected to a single Lessor, Property, and Tenant depending on the type of transaction.


The GeeDee Desktop follows this model. It allows easy access to Lessor,Tenant,Property and Trust Account Ledger records using the tabbed pages. It allows the user to view the transactions that have been created, and connected to the various records.


General Information


The real estate industry, by the nature of its business and people (relying very heavily on personality performances), has embraced the computer as a management and administration tool.  Very few agents continue with documentation accounting systems, which are very labour intensive and now considered outdated.


The most important user friendly criteria of a successful computer program are addressed by a comprehensive modern 32-bit Windows® system.  Simple mouse actions find and display all relevant information and achieve complex operations. They eliminate the need for lookup codes and long training periods to grasp individual functions.  These instant look ups make it simple to find tenants, Lessors, etc. without reference to complicated code numbers.


Real estate computer accounting uses the same accounting assumptions and principles and general methods as a manual system.


The main advantage of a computerised system is the speed with which data can be entered, reorganised and retrieved. If used correctly, it is always up to date, as data files are updated instantly.





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