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Lessor Charges & Refunds

Lessor Charges & Refunds

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Lessor Charges & Refunds

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Lessor charges are a way of debiting the Lessor account for irregular expenses and charges. Other regular expenses such as management fees and sundries are automatically charged.


Examples of these charges are Letting Fees, Fax, and Photocopying Expenses. These are for the business to be re- embursed or for the business to re-emburse (refund) the Lessor. (Only use for FEES)


Lessor charges are dissected on the Summary Statements, and the categories of expense are maintained in a database. Each charge must be made against a category. The charges are not normally processed and debited from the Lessor's account until the end of the period.


Funds are debited from the Lessor's account and credited to a nominated FEES type Trust Account. During period-end processing, these funds will automatically be included in the payment to the business account.


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Use the combo box to identify the Dissection Category. The FEES type Trust Account associated with the category will be displayed. These linked accounts CANNOT be changed. If it is not correct, or if no linked account is displayed, please contact GeeDee support.


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Any other charges that have been entered previously and not yet processed to the account will appear in the grid. Additional items may be added using the Append button at the bottom of the form.


On each line:

Enter the date.
Identify the property using the combo box in the grid.
Complete the remarks, which will appear on the statement.
Enter the amount of the charge.


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The remaining buttons at the bottom of the form allow for:

The Deletion of a data record.
The Posting of individual lines. If a line needs to be debited from the account immediately, click on this button.


To credit funds to an lessor account, enter charges as negative amounts.

NOTE: Negative charges (refunds) must be processed from here.


Process Charges


The Lessor Charges may be either inclusive or exclusive of GST. If the 'Add GST' Checkbox on the Lessor page has been checked, then 10% GST will automatically be added.





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