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Lessor Payment

Lessor Payment

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Lessor Payment

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Payments to Lessors are normally made at the end of the period. A manual Lessor payment can be useful when an Lessor requires payment during the period, or in a fashion not handled by the Month End program.


A payment to be made to an Lessor from any funds being held at any time during the period. This feature should not be used for the payment of creditors' accounts, as this will produce inaccurate current and summary Lessor Statements. This feature allows for either a cheque to be issued and printed or a direct payment transfer file to be made. The amount of the payment cannot be greater than the lessor's balance.


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Identify the Lessor using the Search button, Lookup Search buttons or Navigator buttons.


The Available Amount is all Funds Available and Amounts Held is the Unpaid Accounts and Held Funds


Enter the amount of the payment. By default, this will appear as the Available Amount minus Amounts Held. The operator may change this amount, but it may never be greater than the lessor's balance. Lessor balances may never fall into debit.

Enter any comments for the payment. This text will appear on the Lessor Statement.

Enter the payee's name. This will default to the first Payee.

Enter the remittance details. These will be printed on the remittance section of the cheque.

Either click on the Post button or press the Enter key to process.


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The screen will clear and be ready for the next payment.


If the option to make payment by DEFT then an item will be placed in the Direct Payment file. To remind you of the need to close it, the program goes directly to this form after processing the payment.


DEFT payments will default to the Lessors Bank Account details as set up on their Payment page but can be changed.


The Clear button will clear all the details from the form and allow the user to start again during the entering of the payment data.





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