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Pay Creditors Accounts

Pay Creditors Accounts

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Pay Creditors Accounts

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This item allows the user to report and pay Creditors accounts that have been entered into the system. The method of payment may be by cheque or direct transfer file. When this process is run all Creditor accounts are processed for both Residential & Commercial properties.


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Accounts cannot be paid where there insufficient funds in the Lessor's account or the V/O ledger. These accounts are left unpaid until there are sufficient funds.


The Creditor accounts from Lessors attempts to pay all creditors. If the user wishes to pay an individual creditor for a Commercial property use Creditor Accounts from V/O's


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Select the option to pay the creditors as well as print a report first.
Checking Save to CreditorAccounts.csv will save to GDReports.
Select if you want to Autoprint Remittance Advices.
Select if you want to order by Pay/Hold or by Creditor.
Press the OK button or press Enter.
A report listing all outstanding accounts and which can be paid will first be printed.
If requested, cheques (or direct transfers) will be produced to match the amounts in the report.


If enabled, direct transfers will pay the nominated creditors. Entries will be made to the file instead of cheques.


Cheques can be printed, renumbered, or reissued using the Cheque Toolbox


If a Creditor has been set up for payment by electronic funds transfer, a cheque will not be printed. Instead the payment details will be transferred to the Direct Payments File.


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