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Payment to Business

Payment to Business

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Payment to Business

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Once you have Processed Management Fees proceed to Payment to Business.


In the Trust Account system, there are a number of account ledgers of type Fees. This program selects the fees that have been collected for inspections, management, sundries, letting etc and makes a single payment to the business.


Payment to business

Enter the payees name for the cheque or Direct payment.


Pay Payment to business

Click the button labelled Pay.

Before printing the cheque, a report will be printed breaking down the payment into the types of fees collected.

When paying the business by Direct Payment, the report will still print and the payment will go into the Direct Payment File in the next step.


Make Payment Now


If you are paying by Cheque it will print now.



Finished Payment to business

If the user wishes to start again they should click the Abort EOP Processing and Restore Data and restart the period end procedure, making a new backup.


You can now proceed to Direct Payment File.




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