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PDF Scanner Software

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Not Another PDF Scanner 2 review

Click me to expand / collapse information.Free NAPS2 makes documents scans easier

*NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2)

Windows has built-in support for scanning documents. In fact, it not only supports scanning but positively embraces the endeavour, forcing you to save your scanned documents where it thinks they should go, and perform several extraneous steps every time you want to scan a page. If you find that annoying, you should check out NAPS2, which stands for Not Another PDF Scanner 2.

The NAPS2 interface is as simple as could be.

This free, open-source utility doesn't smother you with guidance. Its bare-bones interface lets you set up multiple scanning profiles, each with its own name, resolution, document size, scan source, and so on. When the time comes to scan, you just pick a profile and scan. The images scanned are imported directly into NAPS2, and you can then save them out as images or as PDFs.

NAPS2 supports several image formats, including JPG, PNG, and even TIFF. PDF support is basic and straightforward: Simply select a number of images and click the Save PDF button to produce a PDF that includes them, one per page. You can control the ordering of the pages via toolbar buttons, but you don't get to tune anything else about the PDF. It's as basic as it gets.


Profiles present many settings, but don't take them too seriously: Depending on how they are setup they may not all work.

Sometimes less is truly more. NAPS2 keeps a narrow focus, resulting in an app that's so simple it doesn't even have a Settings dialog. If you're simply looking to scan a few documents and like to make your own calls about how and where to save them, NAPS2 handily beats the scanning feature built into Windows 8.

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QUESTION - My Default Printers Scanning Software is lacking the features I need. What can I do?
ANSWER - See Next Topic "Change Default Scanning Software".



* Thank you to Erez Zukerman from PCWorld | @the_ezuk for the review.


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