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PIM - Property Inspection Manager

PIM - Property Inspection Manager

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PIM - Property Inspection Manager

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PIM   Property Inspection Manager - Sales Brochure
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 Property Inspection Manager (PIM) - Custom Routine Inspection Report
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Contacts for Property Inspection Manager

Jeremy Emms
Sales Director, Property Inspection Manager
Tel: 1300 668 594 | Mobile: +61 418 905 809  |
Phil Grida
Property Inspection Manager  |

PIM Newsletter1

Importing Tablet Inspections PDF's into Property Inspection Reports

PIM's (Property Inspection Manager) support for GeeDee has been totally revamped and simplified in Property Inspection Manager (PIM) with v3.2.0 (Available in June 2015). PIM are still trialing their new import process but with the new changes PIM and GeeDee clients will now look forward to importing additional data including Owner and Tenant details, Next Inspection Date and Lease Details (including Start and End Dates).

The GeeDee import process is enabled in the backend of the GeeDee Desktop Software by GeeDee Support staff.  Please contact GeeDee Software Support staff for help in enabling this and all export features.
GeeDee Software Support can be contacted on:
Phone: (08) 9364 6677  | Fax: (08) 9364 7433   | eMail:  | Web:

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The export process is automatic once enabled. The exports are updated each day when GeeDee's END OF DAY backups and transaction list processes are run.

Data Support Instructions for PIM
See PIMs weblink for importing from GeeDee...      
(1) locating the GeeDee generated file, (2) uploading the files to our secure and confidential website using your PIM Premium login credentials, and finally (3) downloading those Import files onto the iPad and PIM app.
PIMs website also contains links to great Youtube Sales and Training Videos.



Importing Property Inspection Reports into GeeDee

Update Information - Please do not forget, all GeeDee clients that utilise other programs such as Property Inspection Manager, Red Nightingale, Inspection  Manager and Pocket Reporter can easily import their external Inspection Files into GeeDee's Property Inspection Reports.

Remember, in importing large external files, your GeeDee backup's may increase in size and as such can take slightly longer to complete. Should this become an issue contact please GeeDee staff and a support utility program can be run to optimise and extract this information into separate folders.
Once an external Inspection is imported into GeeDee Desktop (Import PDF), it will automatically prompt you to Send to Archive System... If you have the GeeDee Document Management System installed, GDMS will then allow you to email these and all other GeeDee scans and documentation from there.

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We do not suggest importing photos directly into GeeDee. To perform this task we recommend the Document Management System. It is also from the Document Management System that these reports can be emailed.


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Phone: (08) 9364 6677  | Fax: (08) 9364 7433   | eMail:  | Web:

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