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Click me to expand / collapse information.TSPlus - Terminal Service Plus Prerequisites

1) Hardware

Terminal Service Plus can work on your PC and here is the minimal recommended hardware:



Over 50 concurrent sessions, we recommend to use a farm of servers. Each server (physical or virtual ones) handling up to 50 concurrent users.


Comment: The type of hardware you need will mostly depend on what kind of resources the applications you wish to publish consume the most (CPU/memory/Disk). You might consider getting a server with SSD drives if you plan on using an application that accesses a database on your TSplus server as it will greatly enhance the performances.
On Server side:


From Windows XP Pro to W10 with at least 2GB of memory.

The operating system must be on the C drive.

On Windows Server Environment (2003,2008,2012) please make sure that the TSE/RDS role and the TSE/RDS licensing role are not installed to prevent conflict with TSplus services.


It is mandatory to use a fixed private IP address and a fixed public IP address. If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) did not provide you with a fixed public IP address, you need to subscribe to a free DNS account, see this tutorial for more information.


On Client side:


Microsoft workstation: Windows XP, W7, W8 and W10 are supported. A PDF Reader (like FoxIt) and Java should be installed on the users PCs.

Macintosh workstation: You can use any MAC RDP client, or TSplus HTML5 clients.

Linux Workstation: You can use Linux Rdesktop RDP client or TSplus HTML5 clients.
3) Network parameters


The Terminal Service Plus "server" must have a fixed IP address:



Remote access (from Wide Area Network - WAN)


   A DSL connection is recommended as well as a public fixed address. Without a fixed IP address, you should install a dynamic DNS service like More information about how to set this up can be found here.

   The TCP RDP port (by default 3389) must be opened both ways on your firewall.


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